Witch Flame Botanica

Witch Flame Botanica

Many years ago I had a shop where I sold thousands of esoteric items, mostly of the Hoodoo genre and path. I expanded the shop to also selling bespoke packages that I put together in helping solitary practitioners to help themselves rather than me doing the rituals for them. I shut the site down in 2009 due as it really wasn’t something I was able to handle with globetrotting the world with lectures, trade shows interviews not to mention a flood of readings that come through.

After leaving my ego behind and focusing on promoting the works of my peers worldwide over the past 9 years I’ve learned a lot, especially behind the scenes where theres a high level of confidentiality I have to maintain. I started to see a missing link where many shops just just weren’t keeping up with the development of practitioners and with a higher concentration books and not much thought in the items sold which end up being esoteric paraphernalia to be honest. There were just too many Hoodoo shops, and by far too many New Age stores which just isn’t me.  With many of the Left Hand Path stores the market has become over saturated with just throwing up anything that seemingly appears dark, demonic or in trend of  qliphothic nature.

What Witch Flame Botanica offers is a look into it’s products as a whole in making sure it adds to the value of the practitioner and their journey.  It is not only and just about sales but aiming to really aid those that seek the products thats offered. Each book is hand picked and reconsidered for what it can offer the reader. The skulls are all natural human skulls, the wands handcrafted, and athames are made from a 3rd generation swordsman. Because I have interviewed many practitioners who have introduced the shamanic paths I decided to introduce and challenge those with offering Ethnobotanicals and other psychoactive products to include with their works. All products are perfectly legal and have been acquired through ethical means. (Any herbs or items that isn’t legal within the purchasers country/state is subject to not being shipped of course).

I hope you enjoy my new site and it’s products. As my trademark you can be assured that there will always be an great element of education. I will be opening up the blog to the public to contribute articles of relevance, and new products will be added weekly! Be sure to post a comment and or drop me a line to lo let me know what you think not to mention to visit WitchFlameBotanica.com to purchase what you like!








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