Temple of the Perfect Red King


In a time where it’s been made apparent that absolutely anything is possible, there are some who actually are chosen and given the empowerment to partake upon the prophecies of the human evolution.

We were made witness to such a revelation within the dark vortex of the Great Goddess Hecate, when the first Pillar of Fire was manifested in the world of man with The Temple of Belial, which brought forth the Throne of the Crown Prince. In accordance with rites of sacrifice, Witchblood and possession, the correct vortices where opened igniting the second Pillar of Fire, The Garden of the Gods, The Throne of Hecate.

There has been a third manifestation, The Temple of the Perfect Red King – The Throne of Lucifer.

The Throne of the Perfect Red King – Threshold to Lucifer’s Realm – this devotional temple exists on private land surrounded by 300 acres of Texan wilderness. The temple is overlooked by flocks of American Crows dwelling above its gateway. Vultures nest in trees opposite the temple. The outer formation of this temple consists of huge standing stones. The stones at the Cardinal Gates – the Pillars of Fire – are over eight feet in height and are surrounded by other, slightly smaller, standing stones each around six feet tall; forming the central vortex of flame. All stones are erected in alignment with the Rites of Hecate and Lucifer’s Witchflame Arte. Adjacent to the stones is a Fire Fire Tallow – Sapium Sebiferum. The central vortex hosts a raised fire pit.

About the Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper of this temple, Stephanie, was chosen for this work by Hecate and drawn into the Primal Current through direct contact. An extremely experienced practitioner – working in solitary devotion for 12 years – Stephanie initially followed the Primal Craft from a distance. Although it is her own tale to relay, Stephanie’s introduction to the Mother Temple is nothing if not interesting. After being physically marked (bitten) by an envoy of Hecate – an entity which revealed itself in full manifestation – Stephanie was exposed to a series of intensely powerful experiences. Each revelation carried a potent and unmistakable message ensorcelled within its transformational energy. Initiation in the Pact of the Toad Witch undertaken – alongside other transmutational work – within Hecate’s Primal Current was the precursor to making the pilgrimage across the Atlantic to the Mother Temple of Four Pillars of Fire. Temple Initiation and entry into the Book of Souls was followed by Solstice empowerment in Gateways of the Princes of Fire – the rites of passage and empowerment of a chosen soul – have revealed the Path of the Perfect Red King of Sulphur to the custodian of His Temple Gates.

The Third Pillar of Fire – The Throne of Lucifer

It has taken several years for the right individual – willing to make the necessary and actual sacrifices demanded by the Trident Gods – to be brought forth; but Lucifer’s Pillar of Flame has now been correctly ignited. On the Dark Moon the Temple of the Perfect Red King was opened as the Third Pillar of Fire – the Throne of Lucifer – connecting it to the Temple of Belial, Garden of the Gods and Mother Temple of Four Pillars of Fire. The Blood-red Crystal Heart of Lucifer was placed in the temple – in sacrificial and ritual empowerment of this sacred gateway – in accordance with the instruction of the Gods. The Temple of the Perfect Red King is a Pillar of Fire connected to the Mother Temple in Spain. Ignited with the formula of Hecate’s Primal Witchcraft this temple is a vortex – a gateway to the realm of the Emperor of Illumination and Stellar Fire. This is the Throne of Lucifer in the World of Man.

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