Love Spells of Erotic Perseverance


Past the face value of the Hallmark cash-cow, “Valentines’ Day” life moves on, love needs to survive beyond one day within a relationship. This is not a story on Eros or any of the deities of Love, and for a matter-of-fact, nor is it of the Khajuraho Kamasutra temples. Indeed, it is only a post on Love, Lust, more Love, Passion, Desire and, possibly a loss, but definitely in pursuit of personal gain.

I could connect this to the aspects of a “Soulmate” but will revisit at another time. I will focus on the sensation of chemistry, the connection, the lust…obsession and yes the “Love”. The mesmerizing feeling that compels us to desire another and in some instances at any cost, where there are both winners and losers. There is an argument that so many confess that Love cannot be bought or it needs to happen by presumably fate or chance, but arguably so, we have some arranged marriages that end up in love, and let’s not forget, online dating agencies to high cost paid matchmaking establishments promising the likelihood of meeting “thee one”. So let us at this time forget about traditional love in the sense that it just “happens”.

The most Powerful Spells are evident and felt by those around the intended. Love Spells are no different (however more discreet) and have been for around for centuries.  Love Spells have been sought out by lovers to increase the intensity of an existing relationship, to reunite, to attract a partner, and to bind their partners to them. [pullquote class=”left”]“Absence makes the heart fonder…too much makes it wander…then there’s CHECKMATE
The Spell at hand is yonder.”[/pullquote]Love Spells you see, are also petitioned by those mesmerized by their own erotic perseverance stopping at no cost to prevail in the what they see as the ultimate happiness with another.

Skeptics, those both outside and inside the spiritual/occult communities, are often divided around the ethics of Love Spells because it may be viewed as unfair – especially if to enforce the feeling and situation of desire upon an unwilling subject. Those not in favor of Love Spells figure it’s an act of meddling, an act of control and dominance over another’s WILL.  But what if the Spell aids to an even more successful relationship? The determination of whether or not Magick is either of a benevolent or malevolent source purely goes beyond just “intent” alone, but even more so it’s “outcome” because as we all know, “intent” is based on the perception of what one feels should be done. There is no one within the artes who is worthy to cast the first stone as every Spell (good or bad) has an element of tampering with the WILL of another if humans are involved.

So you wonder, which is right? “To be or not to be” the partner or culprit in waiting behind the Love Spell in question. To each their own in what you decide as I truly am not here to judge anyone. The old cliché “Love is Blind” has a very higher average of being true than wrong. With this in mind before enacting upon a Love Spell, consider the following:

  • Be absolutely certain that you know the person well enough as you may be binding yourself to
    your own demise.
  • Has the person actually confessed their Love and desire to be with you? If not there is no doubt if done properly, you could have them as a result of a “Love Spell”, but there will most certainly an unidentifiable void which either of you may feel at times. It helps, and it is best to already have a good chemistry but above all that Love itself exists.
  • Most reunite, binding or any Spells associated with Break-up Spells evolve around attached drama… deal with that first… But seriously, do you want this?
  • Consider that it may not be “Love” but in fact just lust or a mire temporary physical attraction. Then perhaps you should just stick to embarking on hot lusty penetrating sex instead especially if there’s a mutual interest all the better.

I’m mindful that in Love most don’t want to be told what they can and cannot do in matters of the heart. They know what they want, and cannot see any other solution but to have the person they

desire close and only with them. If you’ve decided to go ahead with performing a Love Spell for whatever reason, all the best to you and your lover of course. I have been witness to every form of Love Spells/Magick so do know they work if performed properly and at the right time. If you feel in the end, that it’s not the depths of “Love” you really desire but pure Sex, then, of course, like everything there’s a Spell for that too.





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