When writing about yourself I suppose the question always visits would be about “where to begin” so I thought to start off telling you that yes, my birth first name is Mona…I am a psychic, medium tarot reader of over 40 years of experience using both aspects of clairvoyant and clairaudience as a means to division. I am also a healer, certified Master Reiki Teacher and NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist. To the public within the spiritual, occult and metaphysical community I am known as “Mona Magick”. I’ve come quite a long way since I decided to services the broader public in the late 80’s, but know that I’ve only reached a fraction within my journey and mission to what I need to accomplish.  See what others have to say about Mona Magick >

I was born into what I do as it’s a family practice handed down by seven generations.  I started off as a student and proudly still am just that, a student – the whole reason why I do what I do, is to learn and to teach what I can and to spread awareness. I am a gifted seer and worker of magick among many other gifts and spiritual talents, however not a practitioner of any religion nor of a specific path.  If I were to explain what I do spiritually I’d put it up into 10 sentences such as Nietzsche wanted to sum up in one book, I would say that I work with spirit work plan and simple which has become ever increasingly the strength of my being.  

“It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book” – Friedrich Nietzsche

I have provided services such as readings and case work for thousands of clients over the decades worldwide. Late 2007 I started my podcast radio show the “Mystick Journey” where I”ve interviewed great authors, spiritualist, doctors, scientist, movies directors you name from all over the globe working on spreading the message they had for all to have a different and perhaps clearer perspective on helping others on their paths in life.

In addition to what I do spiritually, I am also an artist and designer. I design all the artwork that you see on my site and promotional material. All of what I do as Mona Magick is run by me and me alone. Outside of the metaphysical/occult/spiritual circle of knowledge I do a lot of extensive studies on technology, science, health and cultural behaviour. My life as Mona Magick as allowed me to meet some very incredible people not to mention allow for many wonderfully rare opportunities bestowed upon me.

If you’re curious about my abilities… here are the few classifications of what I have done and provide on a daily basis: I am a Medium, Seer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Channeller, Empath, and Telepath. I communicate with spirits directly preferably without “props” and many times instantaneously. Most times, I need absolutely nothing to hone into any one of my talents and can provide an answer usually within seconds. I do not use religion, ritual nor most popular aspects during my services, however usually use the Tarot and natural stones to separate energies in between dealing with clients. More than often all of my work is done during trance including readings. I am very accurate, honest and ethnical with my work, and feel should I not be connected in providing an answer for you I will opt not to provide services for you and refer you to someone else who may be able to.

I am indebted to my clients, fans, followers…even my severe critics and ill wishers that give me the inspiration to always do bigger and better than before. All I can say more at his point is that I will always give more than what I thought I could and can do, so on your receiving end you may perhaps say it’s the best you’ve had when it comes to what I deliver to you in comparison to all else.

Unexpected Blessings in Abundance,
Mona Magick