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An interview with Mark Golding

A healer, a poet, an author, a meditation teacher, an art historian and a collector of old gemstones We all are aware that Pythagoras, was a physician and a mathematician. He worked with mathematics, sound and light and used them in healing and the practice of esoteric medicinal remedies. Besides astrology, he also used geometry as part of that science and of course, all this is without doubt  corresponded with his sense of intuition and inguneuity. Meet Mark Golding, a man not of centuries past but within today’s times combining artistry, intuition, mathematics, geometry, light, intuition and more to heal clients worldwide. 

Mark Golding
Mark Golding

Mark Golding, was born in London in 1955 – He states, “Life is a flow, a journey of multi-sensory experiences, that I have chosen to record, using the visual medium”. An Illuminated and incremental soul alchemist, working with kaleidoscopic and irridescent optical geometries. Following the tradition of illuminated manuscripts, as a means of accessing source and place of origin, whilst using the subtle communication of interspatial energy, organic sacred geometry, colour and light that becomes a healing majic. Each drawing explores a specific intention with regard to the viewers experience, with nothing being too obscure, esoteric or wonderful to represent. Described as ‘Psychoactive Art’ and ‘Healing Mandalas’ his work engages the viewer on a powerful subliminal level, and activate dormant powers, and create tendencies of inner peace, and initiate profound growth. Mark’s work has been sold in America, Europe, Australia, Great Britain and the Middle East, and has been published in book form. Considered to be a highly developed exploration of Sacred Geometry, his work has a unique form and manner of visual engagement, and sensory activation. Mark is highly disciplined, accurate and precise with his work, and wishes to navigate, explore and record the unexplored, and represent the invisible. Within Mr. Golding’s lifetime time, he’s been a hospital chaplain, a poet, an author, a meditation teacher, a dealer in antiques, an art historian and a collector of old gemstones.

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Interview prelude with Mark Golding on Sacred Geometry and the Healing of Art

Mark, It’s obvious that the meaning behind your art work is healing…. Would you regard your work more as Sacred Geometry which is usually a geometric shape that have symbolism, sacred or spiritual meaning behind it, Mandala Artistry or that of Sigils?
It is a combination of all 4, an evolution in an understanding of the precise nature in which visual imagery interacts with consciousness. Each of the systems you have mentioned are processes that have informed my methodology, of creating medicines to be taken through the eyes.

I’ve seen your work and its indeed quite detailed, can you explain the process from a blank canvas to client?
I take an empathatic journey with my client. I travel along their river of thought and experience, cross referencing where alignments occur, and also where energetic

Mark Golding at work
Mark Golding at work

blockages are located. Understanding patterns of behaviour, repeating habits of thought… I feel what you feel. When I arrive at the destination (the point of intransigence or the very root of the condition), I feel, or empath, the antidote. This experience is the inner energetic release that serves as the antidote to the blockage. I then reverse engineer this, in the form of a mandala – a visual homeopathic remedy.

You use multiple means of healing modalities…such as Dharma, Crystal Healing, Herbalism, Gemstone Healing, Aromatherapy and many others… is this inclusive or exclusive of your artwork. How are choose the combinations?
This is inclusive and intuitive. My studio is my alchemical laboratory, aligned and accessed with all 6 senses, through both internal geometries and positioning of the Pole Star. Integration of each and all of these aspects arises and develops through the contact of pen upon paper, leaving a trace upon time. A visit to my studio will reveal this to you.

Your work appears to be rather bespoke for the individual…could one piece of art work be then detrimental to another, especially if created (or prescribed) for a specific ailment?
Not possible. This would be as if somehow looking at a flower would harm someone. My every line and stroke of pen and pencil are monitored for the highest intention, through the rigour of my own disciplines of both meditation and yoga. I am a servant of the compassionate wish to eliminate all suffering. This motivation empowers my work. The precise nature of the drawing serves the individual client in a subtle manner in which only they, following a consultation can realise. Keys to unlock their specific and precise gateways, as a unique, personal and bespoke healing mandala.

You appear to be involved very much with healing this earth can provide…can you share some aspects of the power of this earths healing properties in what most may not be aware of?
This is the nature of my work with water. Practical and profound methods of engagement with the water element. The tumultuous flow of fractal chaos is the living rhythm of water’s way. Of unknowable complexity her path attends the obedience to gravity’s will, though her ability to climb and reverse defies the logic of common science. For those who have attended her service and witnessed her expression will be gifted insights known to the mystics. For in implosive alchemy of creating our topography, the ratios of density sensed within ecology, that of our inner world. Thus mirrored in psychology in ultimate efficiency she’ll open up life’s mysteries, the pathway of the histories, residing in your soul. For in amongst the vortices, those infinite tributaries, with wettened hands and open hearts, we will reveal a healing in the loosening of those deeply tightened knots, thus healing the trajectories that lie ahead of thee. For water is one entity, who lives in fluid certainty, revealing flows of energy, that which we recognise as time and life. And should we ease her hindered path, the knowledge of the truths of time, the past and future, as they be, connected to thee now shall be revealed. Her path is of emotions eased, proficient in efficiency, that sings the song and freedom dance of Fibonnaci’s knowing glance, empowering multiplexity in sharing complex patterns, that will not deceive the mirrors of our souls.

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