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Each service is unique in it's own way and is a subsciption of 30 days. Items sent to subscibers are of high quality and range between $18.00 - $25.00. All Personal Readings and Forecast for the Elite and Private Membership is done each individual under strict meditation. Once you purchase your subscription, you will be notified within 24hrs or sooner of your login details.


This is for those who rather use all the information available 24/7. You can use the additional online tools available to you for yourself, family and friends.You may alway upgrade if you like Only $15/mo

Your own personal Reader every week! You'll even receive a FREE Tarot Deck You're under no obligation to keep your subsciption going but why wouldn't you? Great for those who want to have a piece of mind. Just for $45/mo

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This is only for the serious who want results! As a Private Member you will receive all the great benefits of all the other other services PLUS an assortment of monthly FREE Spell supplies, and more! Only $125/mo

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