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Mona Magick's Services

I can identify whatever you wish to know about yourself on any level. Reading from the PAST to the PRESENT to the FUTURE...If you do not like the outcome then only YOU can change it.I have helped guide many to the best path to manifest their desires, never leading them into FALSE HOPES!

  • Emailed Readings (Available worldwide 24/7)
    Emailed Readings by Mona MagickDon't have the time to write your reading down? This reading will answer your questions and will provide you with a brief insight into your situation and will enable you to make insightful decisions.Your reading will be complete and to the point. No need to worry about counting how many words you'll receive for your eading like most others providing emailed readings! Get your reading now!

  • A Personal Call to You! (Available worldwide 24/7)
    I'll call you!Don't worry, I'll call you at the place and time you prefer! Or why not give this as a gift and surprise that special person in your life with an accurate reading!.Book an appointment

  • TOLL FREE! (Available in US, Canada & UK only - some hours may be booked)
    Call toll-freeTemporarily Unavailable!Need personal advice? In the US? Call 1-800-972-5298 or click on the icon below. In the UK? Call 0800-612-7115. I'm available to provide you with answers on your love-life, relationship and psychic questions. Your first three minutes are FREE. Learn More

  • Pay by Phone(Available in UK only - some hours may be booked)
    Pay by Phone 0900 577-1402Temporarily Unavailable! Are you wondering what the future holds? What path to choose? When you will meet your soul mate, and much more? I can help you find direction and guide you through the right path. I'm available to answer your questions and help find the answers you are searching for.In the UK? Call 0900-577-1402 Learn More here

  • Readings by SMS Text (Available in UK only 24/7)
    Readings by text from Mona MagickCan make or receive a call? One the go but have a pressing question on your mind? Would you like to receive a psychic answer to your question instantly? Receive a reading quietly, and anonymously, straight to your mobile? In the UK? Text "Tell" to 84243 Learn More

At some point in our lives we all need help and guidance from others who love us. Many of us look to the spiritual realm for this love and guidance.  In response to our prayers the Creator sends invisible presence's invisible beings - as guides to help each one of us on our earth walk.   Many people are not aware of their presence and are unable to hear what these beings of Love and Light are trying to say to us.  If you are feeling confused, anxious, or on edge, it may be because you are not yet able to connect to this Divine energy.