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Popular Questions From Clients

QUESTION: I have heard that psychics have rather turbulent lives, why if they are able to see clearly the crust of the problems around their client, they can't be able to see their own?

How would your readers deal with situations when a client ask for information related to court cases or crimes?

ANSWER: Please bear in mind that there are many different methods of doing psychic readings and each reader has a different approach. The following thoughts on your two questions are a mixture of general points and my personal beliefs.

On the question of ‘turbulent lives of readers’ you appear to be making an assumption that life could be trouble free for all of us if only we knew what was coming up, but I think that is naïve.

I believe that we are born to experience problems and that we strengthen and grow by learning from them. A lifetime of work in this field tells me that difficult patches in life are inevitable. You may be able to see trouble ahead but whatever you do, the situation cannot be avoided. My anology is if the weather man tell you it's going to rain, you obviously may want to bring an umbrella before going does NOT mean you won't get wet!

This, of course, fringes on the question of whether everything is fated or we have free will. I think most of the major situations we encounter in life are fated but the way we handle them is entirely a matter of free will and a good psychic reader will advise on this aspect of the client’s situation.

I also think that some of us are predestined, by virtue of our characters and circumstances, to face more challenges in life than others. Have you considered the possibility that some readers get into this profession because they have unusually turbulent lives and learn to be caring and empathetic?

I think the purpose of having a reading is not to somehow steer a course through life that avoids all difficulty but to examine causes of problems and work out how best to deal with them and learn from what happens.

With regard to legal cases...

If a person is in trouble they normally want to know how things will proceed and a good reader can predict, in general terms, whether the questioner faces a worst case scenario, an absolute discharge, or something in between.There are various ways in which a psychic reading can assist. For example, it may be that one lawyer will provide a better service than another and a reader should be able to explore the level of assistance likely to come from one source or another.

The role of other people can also be looked at to ascertain whether they will be reliable or troublesome. In divorce cases a reader can try to see whether there are compromises that could lead to an out of court settlement. Also, in marital breakdown a reader may help to determine whether the spouse of the client has hidden assets.I believe that the way a person comes across in court could influence the final outcome. For example a reader may advise a client to show contrition, focus on staying calm or even on what to wear to create the best possible impression.

QUESTION: I paid someone advertising spells over $500 so that my ex boyfriend would return to me. So far the spell has not worked. The person who sold me the spell guaranteed that it would work and has now asked me to send him a further $400 so that he can complete the spell. What should I do?

ANSWER: May I suggest you contact the a reader first to find out what your options are. There are many readers that charge many different rates depending on their ritual and system used. I highly recommend making sure that you have a clear understanding what you practitioner will deliver and be clear about your goals so that there are no surprises. Sometimes cheap rates are bad too. If you don't intuitively feel that your practitioner isn't the one for you don't go ahead with working with them. Please review one of my best articles on this here:

QUESTION: I love your Psychic Games! I must say I haven't the faintest idea how your readers can actually read my mind over the Internet. Can you give me just a little clue, please?

ANSWER: Glad you like the games! First of all, they are just "games"! They are just for your amusement and entertainment only, as I say, there is nothing magical nor mystical about them! I would however like to add that the personal services that you request from me are not for your amusement nor entertainment purposes.

QUESTION: Will you tell me something about myself before I telephone for a reading so that I will know you are genuine and not a fraud? I need convincing.

ANSWER: You have obviously been the victim of a fraudulent reader at some stage. It would be beneficial for you to telephone us with an open mind, rather than contact me with "barriers". I do not have to convince you beforehand that I am genuine, and would never do so. I have to say just as you go to your local doctor, you'll have to just seek me out for yourself and make up your mind at that point.

QUESTION: I don't understand Past Life Regression. How does it work?

ANSWER: My own personal theory is that DNA flows through the ancestoral chain and therefore DNA which was present in our ancestors hundreds ands thousands of years ago is present in us to day and this DNA will be passed on to your offspring and will continue for thousands of years to come. I believe that because we only use 10% of our brain, the DNA memory cells are stored in somewhere deep in our brain cells elsewhere. Logically, when one is taken back during hypnosis, these memory cells are triggered and we can recall "past lives". These are, however, very vague recollections. Warning:- Please do not attempt past life regression unless this is undertaken by a qualified therapist. Some past lives recalled may be traumatic and could cause psychological harm.

QUESTION: If I have a reading, will you ask me questions? I don't think you should ask me ANY questions!

ANSWER: A consultation, or reading, is a two way thing and there needs to be dialogue between the reader and his client. For example, if you went to the Doctor and told him you were not feeling well, the Doctor would ask you to explain the symptoms. You wouldn't say to the Doctor "You tell me what my symptoms are, you are the Doctor," would you? Similarly, a professional clairvoyant will ask you to verify what he or she is picking up and ask you questions simply to confirm he has tuned in correctly to your "inner psyche". You will not gain any benefit if you say absolutely nothing. Like the Doctor, a Clairvoyant needs to be able to diagnose your problem. If you feel your reader is asking you too many questions, it is best to reverse the situation and start asking questions yourself to obtain the answers you are seeking.

QUESTION: How much should I pay for a reading? There are several clairvoyants advertising really low prices for a reading - some even offer free readings. How do I know that you'll give me the best reading and value for money?

ANSWER: First of all, there is no such thing as a “free lunch”! No one is going to sit around all day reading for nothing. This is usually a ploy to get you to have a credit card reading. Secondly, those offering cheap readings may be prepared to work for less. A true professional practitioner needs to be paid what he or she is worth. I don't read from cue cards or scripts - with me you've got an experienced reader with over 30 years of experience!

QUESTION: How do you do your readings?

ANSWER: Every reader is different, but each has a unique ability to tune in to his or her client. There are several methods of divination, ie crystal ball, runes, tarot, I Ching etc. Even natural adepts need something upon which to focus. The method I use, depends highly on the vibrations I get from my client, the clients request and the outcome the client is looking for.

QUESTION: What is the difference between a Medium, a Psychic, and a Clairvoyant. Aren’t they the same?

ANSWER: A Clairvoyant is someone who has “clear vision” or is clairsentient (has the ability to sense things). A Medium is someone who has the ability to make contact with the departed on “the other side”. A Clairvoyant can also be a Medium and a Medium can also be a Clairvoyant. A Psychic is someone who can sense the “here and now” and offer some indication of what may happen in the future. I have all three gifts.

QUESTION: How detailed are your readings. Are they accurate?

ANSWER: Aclient's destiny lies in his or her own hands. I can only advise what they see might happen – and provide psychic guidance. Please remember that a I will not and cannot make your decision for you (but can advise what can happen based on which decision you make). For example, if I say “turn left” and you turn right, you change destiny.

QUESTION: How often should I have a reading?

ANSWER: That is very much down to you. A reading is in itself a form of “psychic counselling” and can help you through a difficult period. However, I won't allow a client to become co-dependent and will discourage a client from further readings if I feel this is happening. The short answer is maybe once a week during difficult periods and then maybe just once a month thereafter. It is though down to each individual to decide. But I've had a few that have wanted to come back several times within one week.

QUESTION: How is it possible to do a reading accurately over the phone? Isn't a "face to face" personal reading more reliable?

ANSWER: Believe it or not, a telephone reading may be much more accurate and honest than a face to face reading! A "face to face" reading is normally booked days, or weeks in advance. Undertaken with people milling around causing distraction. A "face to face" reading allows the most Clairvoyants to pick up clues from the way you dress, your mannerisms and your body language and (in the case of fraudulent readers) to find out something about you prior to the reading. A telephone reading differs completely, because it is more or less taken on impulse. The reader cannot pick up clues from your appearance and has to rely solely on his professional psychic ability to form a connection. Therefore, a telephone reading provides you with a 100% on what I sense and feel, without pre judging you from your appearance.

QUESTION: Should I request a 20 minute reading, will you tell me when 20 minutes has elapsed? I am asking this because I am aware that extra minutes have to be paid for.

ANSWER: I don't watch the clock watch you will not receive the maximum benefit from your reading. It is therefore best if you keep an eye on the time personally and allow your me to devote all my attention to your reading. Many answers can be given to you in as little as 15 minutes. I would never suggest any reading to go any longer than 1 hour. I would recommend 30 minutes on most occassions.

QUESTION: I had a reading from a reputable psychic who predicted that my boy friend would come back to me.I have now discovered he has another girlfriend. How can the reader have been so wrong?

ANSWER: Most readers are honest and very gifted. All a reader can do is sense "what has happened in the past" , "what is happening now", and " what MIGHT happen in the future given certain circumstances". I am certain that at the time of your reading your boyfriend was seriously thinking of coming back to you but, as you know, situations do change. This does not mean your boyfriend isn't going to come back, though, at some stage in the future! My advice is to trust the reader, not contact your ex boy friend at all and move forward. Then wait and see!

QUESTION: I don't like readers who use Tarot Cards. I do not believe they are psychics or have real powers. Why do Tarot Readers call themselves clairvoyants, psychics and or mediums?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, largely due to misconception and the fact that some "clairvoyancy bureaus" use Tarot readers who read from scripts, the public may feel a little uneasy about readers who use Tarot cards. Please let me put your mind at ease. A true PROFESSIONAL reader will not "read" the cards as such but will use them solely as a focus. There are millions of interpretations in just one single Tarot card. However, a PROFESSIONAL reader is vastly experienced and has a thorough knowledge of his or her craft and will "use his own heart to feel"," his "own eyes to see" and "his own ears to listen". No book can teach a PROFESSIONAL the meaning of the cards because intuition is a gift and cannot be taught.

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