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I will cast a Spell for You!!!

Everyone either feels that magick exist in some form, shape or fashion - either on a level of it being good, evil, or on sheer possibility. When it comes to weather magick indeed lives up to its reputation is another question. Can you have someone cast a spell for you, to get rich, win your lover back, get that special job, attain a special goal or even more manipulate the forces around to do your bidding?

The truth is…magick is interdependently real whether you believe in it or not. Magick is faith, focus, and the alignment of energies to be synchronized into a given result(s). In all due respect to those that practice magick there is a great division between many practitioners as there is with any profession or practice; you have those that are novice, and it is considered a recreation and those that practice professionally and which they consider a lifestyle. You have many practitioners that have the reputations of being dishonest and or frauds and those that are genuine (simply put) – but isn’t this with every profession/practice in the world?

I am a strong believer that most spells if one believes in magick is best cast by the requestor. It is the requestor that has the desire, the passion and the source of where all this energy must come from and return to in order for one to attain ones goal. Many times requestors either don’t have the experience, knowledge, faith or time they feel to put in a given spell so they seek trustworthy and experienced practitioners.

In our everyday lives…most people go to those that specialize within their given field….it is the same with practitioners of magick. Here are some key notes:

Choosing your practitioner
Make sure your practitioner is non-judgemental as it is not about what they believe you should do but help direct you in the best direction in attaining what you want. You should feel comfortable with your practitioner such you would with anyone performing a professional task for you. Honesty and full disclosure of what you want and what your practitioner will deliver is the key to any spell in being successful!

How much should you pay?
Many sceptics feel that magick should regulated because you’ve so many BAD practitioners who rip others off of thousands and never perform the work. Bottom line, is this: The work your practitioner is doing is priceless to the requestor… Few baulk at the prices of forms of cosmetic surgery and many other socially unchallenged or accepted rates and of priceless services yet feel that services of magick charged at a certain rate may be consider unreasonable or the sign of being fraudulent. All spells and form of magick requires a lot of effort on the practitioners behalf using time and effort using spiritual energies that must be both cast and vanquished to attain their requestors goal, not to mention materials used during a requestors case. The cost can range from $25 to Thousands of dollars especially if there is so much to clear in the requestors life to attain the desired out come. Both sides novice and believers in the occult are divided in thinking that such efforts should be at minimum cost…It is best to both you and your requestor to have a clear understanding of what the desired outcome may be. It is also best to know that you as an individual has a fate and with this fate no matter how much you try to alter something… some things will be no matter how much you get off course (fate and destiny is an argument of humanity). For example…inevitably you may die but one may change where and how and perhaps even when but it will be – such is life.

Timing is something you must discuss with your practitioner. Many spells can take from 3 days to 3 months. However, it is important to know that our sense of time is not on the same accord as the spirit world that you request your goals from. The key is patience.

Mona Magick Casting spells for you
I have successfully cast many spells for hundreds. I honestly can say that not all spells end up with the desired results especially if rushed by the requestor or if instructions aren’t followed that has been given to the requestor. When performing spells for my clients I never agree to work on any case unless a full reading has been done first before any work is agreed to be done for the client – this is to have full disclosure of what challenges are ahead to fully scope what’s required to attain the clients goals. In many cases a spell is not needed, in many times it’s clarity of direction to ones journey in how to attain ones journey. If the request is not something I can do because of my time or spiritual “specialities” not synchronized with the requestors I would refer this client to another practitioner more in lined with his/her request. In our everyday lives…most people go to those that specialize within their given field….it is the same with practitioners of magick. You may also want to read my FAQ section

Casting spells for yourself
You should really give it a try! The power is within you if you just believe. Be careful to research as much as possible before trying your first spell. Remember that you get in what you put out. If you keep in mind that as a beginner it is better to begin with creative visualization then you’re on the road towards progressing your energy and effectiveness of your spells.

Spell casting is an exercise between ones soul, psyche, and the forces beyond therefore not a light exercise at all and in fact one to be practised carefully and with patience like any physical exercise would be. If you have any questions, or just need assistance contact me or a practitioner that you trust or one that’s been recommended to effectively work on your behalf.

Mona Magick