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Mona Magick claims no one practice of the occult nor sect of religion - her spiritual and family descent have inherited her a gift that is rarely given to anyone… Mona Magick can authentically help you in your in spiritual and paranormal areas of interest no matter what your background. No cards, no birthday and no questions needed. Reading from the PAST to the PRESENT to the FUTURE...If you do not like the outcome then "ONLY YOU" can change it. Mona Magick has helped guide man to the best path to manifest their desires!

Mona Magick has diligently studied the occult and various facets of religious customs for over 25 years handed down from family as well as independently studying under some of the most prized scholars, religious & occult leaders. Persistently Mona reaches to a spiritual awareness with no end.

Recognized within communities all over Mona Magick, continues to enthrall enthusiasts and seekers of the unknown. She brings good luck and insight to all who come to her for direction.

Not only is Mona extremely intuitive, Mona Magick is a captivating medium, her spiritual energy and enthusiasm for the truth have innocence with candor that will soothe your soul. As a spiritualist, each service is unique, is absolutely magnetic! Once you have sought Mona for spiritual guidance, her accuracy, support and success rate will cause fascination to draw you back again!

Mona Magick has enchanted audiences at numerous private functions, parties and the like. Her accuracy and confidentiality has demanded attention of from the elite and recognized by many to cause her loyal clients from two decades and growing. As a solitaire, Mona Magick appears regularly at expositions once a month also giving private consultations and lectures intriguing skeptics, captivating the curious and never failing to leave a spellbound impression.

Mona Magick is consumed by her spirituality and growth, which has been very rewarding…as a result, a portion of all donations and earnings are given to charity. Aside from giving to those in need and helping those attain their dreams desires Mona also teaches the path to inner truth to all whose minds are open and cups are empty. - Respected Client of 20 Years R. Clements