The Altar of Sacrifice - Mark Alan Smith

The Altar of Sacrifice
In this rare one-to-one interview with Mark Alan Smith not far from The Mother Temple, "The Temple of Four Pillars of Fire", and within the South of Spain, Mark discusses in depth about, "The Altar of Sacrifice". The first of a closely woven trilogy, this volume consists of three inner books each revealing legendary power of the Olde Ways, attained through the Arte of Bloody Sacrifice.

The Path of the Devotee is explained and how it is illuminated from the initial Gift and Pact that opens The Way of Sacrifice to the formation of the Mother Temple of Four Pillars of Fire through Vortices of Death and Gnosis of the Apocalyptic Keys. Mark candidly shares the process of actual sacrifice of both a bloody and bloodless path.

My conversation with Mark not only extends beyond the Sacrficial Arte but that of spiritual evolution, devotion, a pact of free will, and a preview of his forthcoming book and second volume, "The Witchblood Grail".
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