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Magickal Oils

  • A
    • Adrel....This oil brings happiness, use it as a perfume of use an anointing
      method as described above.
    • Against Harm....This oil will give you protection from your enemies
      All Saints....This oil will assure success in your work and endeavors.
    • Ambrosia....To attract love
    • aphrodisiac

  • B
    • Banana....Use this oil to rid of a situation that is holding you down
    • Basil....Use basil to have prosperity in business (put a few drops in the
      doorway of the business)
    • Bayberry....A money attracting oil
    • Beneficial Dream....For a good night sleep (also, if you want to remember
      your dreams, put this oil on your temples before going to sleep)
    • Blue Cohosh....Eases emotional pain

  • C
    • Canola....Cleanses your home of negativity (sprinkle the oil in corners of
      the house)
    • Cashew....Helps rid of stress (you may rub this oil on your throat or wrists)
    • Cherry Blossom....Opens opportunities for you (when looking for a job, rub
      this oil on the soles of your feet and behind the ears)
    • Cinnamon....An uncrossing oil

  • D
    • Desire....An aphrodisiac to arrouse passion
    • Double Luck....Gambling (rub it on your palms before playing any games of

  • E
    • Easy....Helps a situation to go smoothly
    • Eucalyptus....A healing oil (great for headaches and colds)
    • Evil Eye....Protects your from curses and negative energies sent to you
    • Eyebright....Enhances your psychic power

  • F
    • Fairy....Call on the aid of the Fairy (anoint your palms, heart and the
      middle of your forehead)
    • Fast Money....Self explanatory :)

  • G
    • Ginger....This is a good oil to use for workings in rituals or magick.
    • Goddess....This is an oil that will enhance respect and admiration from
      others when worn by a woman.

  • H
    • Hazelnut....To gain wisdom, anoint your third eye. This oil is also connected
      with the deities Diana and Thor.
    • Heart....Anoint your heart with this oil for your wishes to come true.

  • I
    • Irresistable....Wear this oil to attract the opposite sex
    • Isis (the Goddess of love in ancient Egypt).... Heighten a relationship that
      is "dying" or start a new one by wearing this oil

  • J
    • Jasmine....The oil is an all purpose oil. Use it to bring love, sex, and
    • Job....Wear this oil to get a job or to keep the one you have.

  • K
    • Keep away Evil....To keep away enemies and evil spirits.

  • L
    • Lavender....This oil has many uses. You can use it for peace of mind, To
      promote love, attract men, purification (when added to your bath) and to
      sleep well.
    • Lemon Blossom....This is a good oil to find options for tough situations.

  • M
    • Marigold....This is a powerful oil used for protection Memory....Anoint your
      forhead to help remember important information.

  • N
    • Nervous....Use this oil when you are tense and nervous. Add it to your bath
      water or a white candle.
      Notre Dame Oil....Use this oil to keep sickness at bay and protection from

  • O
    • Orris Root....This oil is used to attract friendship and money.

  • P
    • Patchouli....This is an oil used to attract love and money. It is also used
      to keep "urking" people away. This oil is very powerful in works of magick.

  • R
    • Red Thyme....This oil is used to give you courage in any situation.
    • Rose....To attract love and friendship, annoint yourself or a candle. You may
      also add this oil to a bath for a good affect.

  • S
    • Sandalwood....This oil is very powerful in magickal workings or rituals. It
      is a healing oil as well as an oil to heighten your psychic abilities.
    • Seduction....Nuff' said :)

  • T
    • Ti....This oil works well by sprinkling some under your bed for while you
      sleep. It will protect you while you sleep.

  • V
    • Vanilla....This oil brings good luck. It is also used to attract love and

  • W
    • Walnut....This oil when put on your forehead prevents headaches. It also
      helps to increase mental clarity.
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