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Solution Readings

With Solution Readings you not only receive a Reading from the PAST to the PRESENT to the FUTURE.. I provide solutions. If you do not like the outcome then "ONLY YOU" can change it - I provide you with the right tools! have helped guide many to the best path to manifest their desires and never leading you into FASLE HOPES

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Choose your questions from any of the below examples to be emailed to you. See "Availability". When contacting me about your lifes matters, below is a list to help put your reading in it's category as much as possible:

Love and Relationships

  • Looking for Love – A reading to help you find the partner of your dreams!  Analyzes what problems may have kept you from finding a partner, how to overcome them and what positive steps you can take to find love, what your perfect partner would be like and where and when you should look for them. 
  • New Relationships - This is a reading on that new and exciting person that has just entered your life. Evaluates how each of you sees each other and the possibilities for the relationship, the positive areas you would share and what problems you might have to overcome, the most likely future of this relationship and what you can do to give it the best possible start. 

  • Improving Relationships – This spread provides guidance for solving problems and improving relationships with your spouse, lover, friends, family, or co-workers. Analyzes the source of the problem and provides several specific strategies for making progress.

  • Dealing with Breakups - This reading provides a detailed analysis of what went wrong, how you and your partner each contributed to the breakup, what external factors may have been involved, the chances for reconciliation, and advice for either getting back together or moving forward positively with your life.  

Decisions and Changes

  • Spread of Changes – This reading analyzes a change you are going through, how it is affected by the past, and what the change will lead to, or alternatively, what changes would need to be made to bring about a desired future.  

  • Analyzing Alternatives – This spread will help you analyze two alternatives and the choice between them.  Looks at where you are now and what has led up to this choice, and where each alternative might lead.  Depending on the complexity of the situation, this reading can also be done as a smaller 5-card reading or a larger reading if more than two alternatives are involved.

  • Wheel of Fortune/Dealing With Change - A very comprehensive reading for assisting you with major life changes. Analyzes what is leaving and entering your life and how best to make use of the energies surrounding change.  Can be used to address issues such as graduation, career changes, retirement, empty nests, marriage or divorce, and relocation.

Solving Problems

  • Improving Relationships – This spread provides guidance for solving problems and improving relationships with your spouse, lover, friends, family, or co-workers. Analyzes the source of the problem and provides several specific strategies for making progress. (5 cards)  Example

  • Removing Obstacles – Have something you want to accomplish but can't figure out how?  This spread will help you identify and remove blocks that are in the way and give you ideas for overcoming the obstacles.

Career and Finances

  • Job Interviews – Got a job interview coming up?  This spread will help you prepare by providing specific strategies for giving your best possible interview, and also analyzing the factors working for and against you in getting the job. Customized for your interview.

  • Improving your Finances – This spread provides information on how you can best increase your personal wealth, given all the factors operating in your life right now. Looks at your best opportunities for stabilizing and improving your financial situation, and identifies any obstacles that might be in your path and how to overcome them. 

  • Finding your Career Path – This spread will help you identify the right career path for you. Depending on your circumstances, the spread will provide insight into your personal strengths and a potential career that makes use of these, or will help you analyze a new career path you have been thinking about and its chances for personal fulfillment and financial success.

Custom Readings

  • Every question and client is unique, and you may not find a spread that exactly addresses your situation.  Custom spreads can be developed for no extra cost to specifically address your particular set of issues and circumstances. The size and complexity of the reading is your choice – I recommend you choose a mini-reading if the question is fairly simple, or choose a standard or large reading if there are many considerations and complications to your situation, if there are more than two alternatives, or for analyzing several interrelated questions.  You can choose any size reading that you want, but at your request I will advise you on the size and design that I think would be most appropriate. .