Sunday 25th January
Fate & Free Will Christopher Warnock will discuss the human will discuss and do traditional astrologers think about Fate & Free Will? How accurately can we know our Fate? How can we see Fate & Free Will in a traditional astrology chart?

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Meta-Magick & NLP The roots of Meta-Magick are diverse. It has been influenced by by Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), martial arts, applied kinesiology, hypnosis, Afro-Caribbean spirituality, yoga,Taoism, neuro-scientific discoveries, and much more, in addition to Western esoteric traditions - Philip Farber leads more on this intriguing topic.
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Sunday 31st January
Hoodoo & Lucky Mojo Curio Co.
Do you know what Hoodoo is? Would you like to journey to the depths of folk-magic? This show will open your eyes and expand your mind to one of the most effective, and widely practices of magic known to many however needs to be clarified to most. catherine yronwode will be my guest speaker and is also owner of one the popular curio company, Lucky Mojo Curio.Co
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Meta-Magick & NLP - Philip H. Farber
Meta-Magick & NLP
Philip H. Farber

Hoodoo & the Lucky Mojo -  catherine yronwode
Hoodoo & The Lucky Mojo
catherine yronwode

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