Mystery Schools - Andrew Douris

Andrew Douris will take us through the mystery schools from the Egyptians through to The Pythagoreans, Mithrism, Essenses, Eluesians, Rosicrucian and Freemasons. Focusing more on the history part practices and ceremonies.

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Friday 16th January at 5:00 PM EST

Gypsy Wisdom with Cristina Aguilar Expert on all that's Gypsy related. Listen, learn and enjoy from the wisdom of Cristina Aguilar all there is about the life of a Gypsy, as well as many secrets. Cristina will speak on her services, products and share practical information she can help the many that come to her!!
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Sunday 18th January at 7:00 PM EST
Oracle Nite! provided her 2009 New Year's Reading by the Loa Baron Criminel during a possession on Gro Mambo during the 3 Day Ceremony that just passed
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