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An incredible number of 207093 people have registered as students of Witch School since September 4, 2001 so far! WitchSchool.com is the first truly online school dedicated to Wiccan, Pagan, and magical thought!

You'll learn more about it's founders, how it operates to the degree courses it provides. Call in to (347) 308-8258

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Watch for these dates
 02/28 Your Legal Rights to Performing Rituals Go
 03/01 Chaos Magic Go
03/13 The Power of Angels Go
  03/14 Parapsychological Association & the Occult Go
  03/15 Blessing & Readings from Gro Mambo Go
  03/15 Oracle Nite! Go
  03/21 Nature of Existence Go
  03/22 Dominican Vudu/Sanse Vudu Go

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Past Episodes

Christopher Warnock - Fate & Free Will
Hoodoo & the Lucky Mojo -  catherine yronwode
Hoodoo & The Lucky Mojo
catherine yronwode

Dr. Jaysen Rand
2012 Prophecy
Dr. Jaysen Rand
Jesus Suarez
Your Rights to Perform Rituals
Jesus Suarez

Andrieh Vitimus
Chaos Magic
Andrieh Vitimus

Robert Zink
The Power of Angels
Robert Zink
Imperator General of the Esoteric Order of the
Golden Dawn

Andrieh Vitimus
Parapsychological Association
& The Occult

Blessings from Gro Mambo
Blessings & Readings from
Gro Mambo

Oracle Readings
It's Oracle Nite!
Andrew and Chance

Roger Nygard
Nature of Existence
Roger Nygard

Dominican Vodu
Santeria Explained


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