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Date: Sun 01/24/10 5:46PM
From: charisse">

Message: Clarity,Protection,strength,virtual energy, wisdom, Knowledge, finding my path, unconditional love for myself and others and within myself.

Date: Sat 01/23/10 10:22PM
From: Sprite">

Message: Please pray for Haiti, Africa, and the entire Third World. Pray for deliverance from corrupt dictators and governments, from famine and poverty, from evil and satanic bondage. Pray for God to flood these areas and the lives of these people with love, prosperity and abundance, joy, and self reliance. Also pleasepray for an end to pain and sadness. Amen.

Date: Sat 01/23/10 4:56PM
From: Katy">

Message: My life has been a literal roller coaster ever since I told my grandparents, whom I lived with for 10 years of my life that I am Bi and then I just lost my best friend, and hardly see love coming my way, yet I am in Love with someone but don't know if they Love me back. I am just asking that my struggles are eased.
I also have had a headache for 9 months now and it will not let up. I have it day and night. The only time I get relife is in meditation or sleep.
I could use help easing all my pains.
Bless Be all that try to help all.
I am new to Wicca too. My mother believes in it and I do to. Yet, my grandparents, which are her parents and are very religious Christians, don't and I hope that they can get an opened mind but you can change people just wish for the best.

Date: Mon 12/14/09 12:28AM
From: Lori">

Message: Please help my husband heal him on all levels. Please bless my beautiful children. Please help me to keep my chin up with all of this financial strife afoot. Please help us to be able to give the kids a good christmas.I ask that we lead long, happy, healthy abundant lives together.

Date: Fri 11/27/09 10:40PM
From: charles">

Message: I need help in strenght and protection?

Date: Sun 11/22/09 3:47AM
From: Kathy">

Message: i request virtual energy to be reunited with my best friend and lover Mendi

Date: Thu 11/19/09 3:52AM
From: Artemis">

Message: Confidence, freedom from Chronic Pain, Remembrance of the Magickal Childe I was, the ability to publish, write and paint as I used to, to find a partner -- preferably a soulmate -- to work and play with, protection from the negative energies of the family I've been forced to live with due to disability, to be LOVE again. Thank you and Blessed Be!

Date: Fri 11/13/09 11:21PM
From: Solphie Rice">

Message: Hello, my request is for my son and I see and talk with each other much much more and in a patient and loving manner. I ask that my husband Marcos stay safe and with abudance and still in love with me and waiting on me and my arrival in the summer of 2010. My Mother Majorie,, brothers, Undra, Anthony, Mickell, Rechell, Kim, Me my son and husband desires of financial wealth, excellent physical health family, increase in abundance of positive sudden energy will be manifest from the invisible world into the visible world suddenly now. By January 2010, there will be nor show absolutely NO sign, trace of any kind or resemblance of cancer in my entire body. Both of my breast will be absolutely beauty again. No unattractive sores or scars will be left or clearly seen after my swift speedy recovery. Both of my breast will be round and perky. My left nipple will be blessed shaped and fitted beautifully (I and my husband just love both of my breast). Both breast will be made whole. NO scares or NO irregularity, or raised scars, or dark in coloration around the wounds I am now healing and recovering from currently. I AM in agreement and I receive all prays and magic preform over my words and request and those who have made their acceptable request here known. Thank you. I pray and I AM in agreement with all prays that are good on this site be granted to them as above so is below.

Date: Sun 11/8/09 5:25AM
From: TINA">

Message: can someone seperate and cut apart a piece of your soul and send it somewhere else, and where do they send it, and how does one retreive it and get it placed back?? I know you can do this , someone told me about it, then an occult member did this to me, what can I do, pls the truth , no lies and no gimmicks!

Date: Thu 10/22/09 10:57PM
From: sea">

Message: Please my friends, I am asking for a miracle. After a number of failed attempts of trying to take a national examination to become a licensed physician, I have found myself in complete depression and drowning in debt. I recently re-took the said examinations and I am expecting the results soon and I am deathly afraid. Please I beg for positive energy and for my prayers to be answered that upon receiving my examination results, it shall be that I have pa**ed and that I may be able to help others.

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