By no means is any information you provide to me will it ever be published or sold. I keep all client associations regarding intuitive readings, magickal assistance, consultations and purchases extremely confidential.

For this reason alone of keeping my clients privacy, as of 2006 I have deleated all emails on my guestbook which no longer exist. If however you enter a Prayer Request in the Virtual Altar and enter your full name and email you do this at your own risk as I do not delete any request. Nevertheless, each and every Prayer Request is addressed by me personally every week.

However, in my messageboard Community email are public as they are everywhere on the internet. Users have the option of NOT disclosing their email addresses although it defeats the purpose of the message board.

Any ill Just against the owner of this site and that of any client(s) in relation to the services and or purchased items provided may be used in court and or legal proceedings if it is implied by threat or through actual deed of any malicious acts.