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Mona Magick
Mona Magick

Good speakers on great topics on spirituality and the occult is hard to find. Guest are chosen based on their authenticity, knowledge, quality and integrity within the esoteric and spiritual community.  Many lead lives as lifetime devotees, researchers, as well as those that have a voice that needs to be heard.  Each interview is geared to bring thousands of diverse viewers knowledge they crave in some way by the crafted questions asked in each interview to assure the broad audience walks away with a profound message.

If you would like to be a guest speaker and have an intresting topic, product or service please fill out the form below so you may be considered for the next show! The Aim is to have no two shows alike! Please allow for up to 72 hours response. Please be sure to provide some information about you such as your choice of topic, a website, books you’ve written or communities that you interact with as well as the time and date(s) you would like to appear on my show. Please don’t forget to also provide me with your time zone and a contact number I may reach you.
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