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An interview with Sean Woodward
A Visionary Voudon Artist 

Many often speak of the “current” but personally, I feel that this term is used  loosely without it being referenced within its true meaning. Justifiably I can describe Sean Woodward as a man walking within a strong Voudun current, which is very apparent throughout the work that he produces and his profound accomplishments exhibited internationally. The more, I prepared for this interview with Sean, the more I realised that he didn’t just produce work, he lives and breathes it from within his core, and as a true devotee, why would it be any different?

Sean Woodward
Sean Woodward

Sean Woodward is a contemporary artist, esotericist, writer, publisher, poet and musician with over three and a half decades of dedicated magickal experience and artistic expression. He stands at the crossroads between the arts and technology and seeks to utilise this unique fusion to create artistic portals and magickal machines of illumination and devotion to the Hoodoo and Les Vudu.

He currently serves as the British representative for Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua & La Couleuvre Noire.

In the early 1980s he was a member of the Typhonian Nephthys Arachna Power Zone (affiliated to the OTOA) and has a lifetime charter as Knight Diplomatis Supreme (Society OTO).

He is represented by ZOSHOUSE Fine-Art and maintains a presence at facebook.com/seanofficial and gothick.co.uk. Limited edition prints, original works and his tarot are available from seanwoodward.com

An Interview prelude with Sean Woodward

It think it’s excellent for us to have connected, thank you so much for this opportunity to share insight on what you do. Sean, you’re a contemporary artist, esotericist, writer, poet and musician with decades of dedicated magickal experience and artistic expression.. much of It originating reaching from  Hermetics, Witchcraft, Chaos Magick (only naming a few) to the gnosis the of Vodoun current …lets focus on the NOW…what defines and influences you today?
Today it is the Voudon Gnostic current as revealed by Michael Bertiaux which is the engine-house of both my creative and magickal work. It’s a path that I have been associated with since the early 1980’s when I was a member of the Typhonian Nephtys Arachna Power Zone. Whilst the Voudon Gnostic tradition has its foundation in esoteric Haitian traditions, its eclectic nature is a good fit with my own experiences of Thelemic, Witchcraft, Hermetic, Vajrayana and Shinto practices. In many ways I have found that all those other paths are cast into shadow by the majesty and power of the Voudon Gnostic path.

You’ve a solid digital foundation which no matter which path you follow is sure to pave with the need of technology these days…what advice do you have to offer the esoteric community on how to make an impactful esoteric digital imprint?
That’s a very interesting question as there is often a clear split between people drawn to technology and those that gravitate towards the arts/arte magick. Personally I’ve always stood at that crossroads. I saw the huge potential of the digital era for both communication and expression at the birth of the web and having experience of the digital marketing landscape means I understand the intricacies of SEO, social media and building and driving traffic to websites. The technologies have now reached a saturation point where they are just part of the infrastructure of many people’s lives, available at the swipe of a finger. Today it’s easy to have your fifty minutes of Twitter fame, but making an impact is still all about the content, about the value of the message and the way it’s portrayed. That was one of the factors that caused me to step back from some digital methodologies and return to hands-on techniques, producing artefacts wrapped in magick.

As I am a seer and Tarot reader I’m really interested how you merged the Voudon current within your 64 card deck what you have coined as the “Carrefour Tarot”
The Carrefour Tarot is actually based upon the 1st Year teachings of the Monastery of the Seven Rays, created at the suggestion of the Secretary of the OTOA-LCN. For this reason it is unlike any traditional tarot but is an unfolding of the elemental energies of Leghba and the 16-fold energies of

Carrefour Tarot
Carrefour Tarot

the Order. It was created during an intensive phase of working with the Lucky Hoodoo energies that in turn opened up Saturn, Cosmic and Gnostic spaces. These are portrayed in the cards, themselves becoming portals. Following discussions with the Sovereign Grand Master I created a second version of the original 32 cards to represent their negative energies. In this way the deck can also be used for rudimentary divination. The first 100 decks also have an additional six signifier cards which represent special forces in the tradition, such as Spider Loa and Gran Bois. Every deck is packed by hand and the packing enhanced with sigils and spells of activation for its individual owner.

Being an initiate and representative of the Ordo Templi Antiqua & La Couleuvre Noire, must come with huge responsibilities, have challenges increased over the years?
It’s a great honour to be the OTOA-LCN Emissary for Great Britain and Ireland, to be able to mentor students and help stoke the furnace of the current renaissance of the Order. In this respect I recently reunited the Order with a number of historic audio recordings and publications it’s past. In essence however, the responsibilities and challenges remain the same, but with each passing year I am privileged to see their transmutation and flowering.

The words “Visionary & Insightful” comes to mind when I see your work, but I also see Dedication & Power within your work with the Lwa. Would you please help clarify what I’m picking up on this?
It’s great that you’re sensitive to those sensibilities! My recent work has been very much empowered by working with the currents of the Order, to the point where I continue to be driven to express and earth many of the mysteries that are revealed to me. This began as a very visceral experience that has strengthened my relationship with those energies. Some of the first communications were received in Cuba and there are Palo Moyambe motifs that continue as signature elements in my work. Later these were augmented following exposure to the Vodou: Kunst und Kult aus Haiti exhibition in Bremen. My experience with the Gholem energies at this time in both Germany and Prague are explored in my forthcoming essay ‘A Hieroglyphic Exegesis of the gholem Gnozis’ in Edgar Kerval’s Qliphoth journal.

My abiding hope is that my work might trigger the first vestiges of illumination in those unaware of the tradition, but perhaps experiencing a feeling of familiarity, or unknowingly drawn to it.

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Music – Albums as Sons ov Sirius

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Videos – Appearances as Gothick

  • Road To Acre, Zodios Album Promo  (ZOSHOUSE, 2011)
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  • New Moon Rises (Dragonheart Press , 1992)
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  • Faith and Spirituality Poems (The Forum for Faiths at Derby University)

Delegate, Appointments and Appearances

  • Writing Industries Conference, Loughborough University, 2008
  • Art Director, British Association of Myasthenics Well Dressings
  • Writers’ Workshop Leader, Derby Community Arts
  • Wirksworth Festival, 2011
  • Chesterfield Festival
  • Derby Festival of Words
  • Derby City Festival Live

Art – Exhibitions

  • Tomorrow’s Past, Derby Community Arts


  • DH Lawrence Festival Poetry Competition, 1985
  • Special Recommendation, Derby Evening Telegraph Poet of the Year, 1999
  • World Wildlife Fund National Poetry Day Poem for the Environment, 1995