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  1. Powerful lady of the crossroads,lady of all roads,owner of the streets and the red roses.Beautiful lady that your beauty be the beauty of our roads, that your strengh be the strengh that destroyes our enemies declared and hidden.Pomba gira that your charm be the charm of my desires come true.Mote it be.
    By the powers of the earth,by the presense of fire,by the inspiration of air,by the virtues of water I invoke Maria padilha by the strengh of the sacred hearts and the tears of love so she goes where (his/her name here)and where you find (his/her name here)to bring him in spirit body and soul before me(your name)biding definitely to me (your name).Hail Pomba-gira Maria Padilha queen of the 7 crossroads
    I ask you this way: now woman spin come to me woman spin in my favor making my beloved(name); that he falls completely in love with me; Asking as well: air move, fire transform, water form, earth heal; and the wheel turns, and turns, and turns; making my beloved(name) loving me subdued and crawling after me(Your Name).

    Salve Pomba Gira queen of 7 crossroads, salve 7 sayas and her sisters Maria Padilla, salve Maria Mulambo, and all others of the falange;salve 7 sayas my good and glorious princess protector of women and men Saying:I know your strength and your power;I ask that you attend my wish. that the spirit ,body and soul of (his/her name)is showered and fills with the essence of my love and that he returns it 4 times fold.that (his/her name)loves me(your name)that his body spirit and soul only belong to me,that (his/her name)lives,breathes,sings,work s,has fun only in my presence (your name)that my shackles imprison him forever by the powers of this prayer.

    My pombas gira use your power and distance (his/her name) from any woman (man) that he/she is with in this moment and if he/she was with one that he/she calls him/her by my name (your name)I want to bind the spirit body and soul of (his/her name)because I wanted him/her binded and in love with me ( your name)I want (his/her name) depends on my loveI want him crazy in love with me( your name)Desiring me like i was the only and last woman/man on the face of the earth.I want his heart attached to me(yourname)eternally in the name of the great Queen Maria Padilha that this feeling blooms inside of (his/her name)leaving it imprisoned to (your name)24 hours a day.

    Oh Pomba gira Queen Maria Padilha you shall bring (his/her name) for me(your name) because i desrire him and i want him promply.By your hidden powers that (his/her name) starts loving me(your name)at thsi very moment and that (his/her name) only thinks of me (your name) like i was the only person and (woman/man) in the world.That he comes running towards me(your name)filled with hope and desire, that (his/her name) only has peace ,calm tranquility hope,work,health happyness only by my side (your name)that (his/her name)comes to see me and comes back to me(your name)with your power and infinite strengh open all the doors to (his/hername) and me (your name)so we can be together and make each other happy and that we have work love,care,health and family together (his/hername)and me (your name).

    My queen Maria Padilha I beg you that you bring me (his/her name)that (his her name)loves me alot,comes submissive,humbled under my feel like (your name) wish.I thank the great Queen Maria Padilha and i promise to keep your name always with me

    Oh! powerful Pomba gira of the 7 exus I want my beloved (his/her name) back because he saddens and depresses me with his rejection distance and indifference that (his/her name)forgets and leaves once and for all, all the other love interests and all the people that want to separate us .That (his/her name)gets dissapointed and grows cold with other women,that any other women that is with (his/her name) leaves his life immediately that no other woman can achieve that (his /her name) feels pleasure,only i (your name) will have that power given by you my queen.That (his/her name) leaves all the other women that (his/her name)feels desires,pleasure and love only with me (your name)and sees me like the only love in his life that (his name)feels uninterested of going out with other women and that accepts once and for all that he loves me and only wants me (your name) and that (his/her name)only wants to be with me (your name)and noone else and noone else.That (his/her name) feels pleasure and love only with me and for me (your name) that (his/her name)feels good happy at peace and loved only when he is by my side (your name).

    That (his/her name) comes to me(your name) and ask for my love and my forgiveness and asks me (your name)to marry him.
    Oh! beautiful and powerful Pomba gira of the 7 exus that in this moment (his/her name)wants to be only with me and that he does the impossible so that this may happen.That he only wants to be with me and noone else not even friends,women,men,clients,fami ly.

    That (his/her name)thinks only of me (your name)and thinking how he is going to help me to make me(your name)happy.And how he is going to fight for our love so it continues and we can be together the two of us happyly married together forever,I need my queen Pomba gira that you give me a sign, a call a text from (his/her name)or any other type of contact to let me know if (his/her name) thinks of me and wants me (your name) so that he may take this darkness and depression i am in.
    That (his/her name)talks to me that he/she feels she/he misses me,needs me and wants me near more than ever.You are powerful and strong,bring (his/her name) to my feet forever,that he comes running that he leaves everything and everyone that he forgets about family,customs, friends,work,women,men,and that (his/her name)only loves and thinks of me(your name).

    Beautiful and powerful Pomba gira of the 7 exus with your great and invincible power destroy,bring down,finish,take,make dissapear all the barriers,people,spells,works and hexes that are not allowing (his/her name) from coming to me (your name) and loves me deeply and that he desires to be with me(your name).I want my beloved (his/her name)always loving me,admiring me, taking care of me,protect me.That when (his her name)goes to bed thinks of (your name),my queen i ask that you make (his/her name) feel for me a love and desire outside of the normal and common something unexplainable like he never felt for anyone else and will never feel again just for me(your name) that this doesnt scare him/her that this motivate him to start fighting for our love so we can be together (his/her name) and me (your name) and be happy together.

    That (his/her name) only has sexual desires only for me(your name) and noone else.That his desires and good thoughts are only for me (your name) that his thoughts ,gentleness,love,tenderness,mo ney,details are only for me(your name).Only I (your name)will have this power given by you my queen.Salve 7 sayes by the 7 exus that follow your steps I ask and beg you to bind (his her name)in the 7 sayas and the 7 guisos of his clothes just for me (your name).
    Beautiful and powerful pomba gira of the 7 exus i ask you,break,turn to dust and dissappear all the strengh,the pride,the dignity,that makes (his/her name)be so cold with me so that (his/her name) becomes lovable,understanding,caring only with me (your name).

    That (his/her name)cares and loves me very much.That(your name)gets to stay with (his/her name)I also want you my beautiful and powerful Pomba Gira of the 7 exus to distance from (his/her name)every other woman away from him that is after him that (his/her name)ignores them completely and only looks for me and accepts me once and for all so we can be happy together (your name) and (his/her name).
    That (his/her name)feels attraction,passion,sexual desire and love only for me (your name)that (his /her name) calls me,text me and email me (your name) now and at every moment asking where im at what i am doing and to tell me how much he loves me.That (his/her name) feels nostalgia,desire passion and love for me (your name),that (his/her name)waits and looks for me today and now in this precise moment to tell me how much he loves me and wants me (your name)by his side.I want to hear the voice of (his/her name)asking me to see him/her to be with me telling me he loves me and wants me (your name) that he wants to marry me(your name) and will do the impossible so everything between us works out.

    Thank you for the fulfilled favor I shall spread your name,I (your name)prophetize in the name of the father the son and the holy ghost.I have confidence in the power of the 7 crossroads that so it will be so it is and so it has been done.I thank you for the asked wish already granted and fulfilled.Every time I read this prayer the stronger it will become.I shall Cry out to the 4 corners of the world asking the mother to grant me(your name) my wish.Make (his/her name)be crazy in love and desire for me(your name)make him fight for our love until its reached,that every tear shed by me (your name)gets transformed into a great love in the heart of (his/her name)I know that the spirits of the falange of pomba gira are blowing in the ears of (his/her name)blowing my name(your name) day and night telling him that he talks to me,that he loves me and that nobody will love him like I do.That he sets his pride aside and comes to me submissive and in love that (his/her name) sleeps thinking remembering and dreaming of me (your name).That he wakes up thinking and loving me(your name).Salve Pomba gira I ask you oh Mother remove from (his/her name)thoughts all the hate,resentment,grudges,anger, upset feelings,anger and anything that went wrong that made him distance himself from me (your name).And that now you turn all that in to a great and unique unconditional love for me(your name)and that (his/her name)thinks only of our love and how to fight for it and that (his/her name)lives crawling and in love with me(your name).So it will be,so it is and so it has been done.I thank you for all that has been done and I am confident that I shall be attended (his/her name) is going to be crazy in love for me (your name) as soon as possible bring (his/her name) back to me.Amen,amen and amen.

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