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Temple of the Perfect Red King

It has taken several years for the right individual – willing to make the necessary and actual sacrifices demanded by the Trident Gods – to be brought forth; but Lucifer’s Pillar of Flame has now been correctly ignited. Continue reading

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Between the Devil and the Dark Witch Queen

‘Anyone having the naïve resolve to rush in, as it were, “where angels fear to tread,” to wit: There is No Courage without Fear.” Continue reading

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The True Witchcraft within The Witchblood Grail

The richest current of Witchcraft that I have been fortunate enough to step into is the Primal Craft, whose latest publication, The Witchblood Grail, is nothing short of groun-breaking in its ability to return the raw Power of the Gods… Continue reading

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An Academic Recognition of Primal Craft

It isn’t often that occult devotees and authors are recognised through the academic institutions of today… Continue reading

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Mysticism in the 21st Century

Within this academic text book Dr Monette examines five contemporary spiritual movements: Hermeticism, Paganism, Sufism, Tantra, and Yoga. Alongside Mark several other devotees have collaborated with Dr. Monette to assist in the creation of a book that presents an academic study of five of the world’s mystical paths… Continue reading

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