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An interview with Mark Alan Smith on Primal Craft
A Path of the Souls Evolution

In this spectacular 2 part interview, Mark Alan Smith takes us through the journey of a profound power which millions have sought and will continue to yearn for until finally conjoining with the higher power. As souls incarnate of flesh and blood we seek to find meaning within this mundane lifetime, attempting to come closer to the source that once gave us true meaning and kinship to the gods. There is a path within the Primal Craft that holds within it a key that is essential to the success of this ultimate transformation.

THE PRIMAL SEAL OF THE QUEEN OF BLOODFIRE2Primal Craft is the Path of Flames that leads to Soul Evolution. It is the Spiritual Witchflame Path of Hecate – the First Dragon and Supreme Dark Goddess, the Great Mother – that encompasses the primal practices of priests of the ancient cultures of the Atlantean era. This path of spiritual evolution is undertaken in direct contact with the Gods of the Trident: of which Hecate, Lucifer, Belial and Sepheranz stand as the Four Great Pillars of Flame.

Primal Witchcraft, bloody sacrifice and the connection to raw untempered power of the Gods through Dragon Lines, Stellar and Infernal Gateways are as much a part of this practice as the healing and cursing of Witch lore. The Primal Current in which the souls of the devotees of this Arte bathe flows directly from the source of all power: The Dark Goddess, Hecate. The path of evolution and empowerment within this work comes through direct connection to the Gods. Gateways of the Primal Craft may be opened to facilitate this through self-initiation – using the works of The Trident Trilogy, Volumes of Sacrifice and the many sacred texts of the Primal Craft that will be brought forth over the coming decades – and initiation at the Mother Temple of Four Pillars of Fire in Spain.

The video to this interview is  in two parts and may be found here:
The Primal Craft (part 1 of 2)  & The Primal Craft (part 2 of 2)

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Interview prelude with Mark Alan Smith on Primal Craft

Hi Mark, it’s really great to have you back! As fundamental as the term itself may be, “Primal Craft’ has a very profound meaning behind it. Exactly how far back are we talking about in regards to the Craft being “Primal” and can you elaborate on what you mean as by the “Gnosis of the Trident being returned” when speaking of the Primal Craft?
Hi Mona, it’s great to be back once again. The Primal Craft goes all the way back to the beginning. If we look at the evolution of man for instance, taking into account the vast magickal gnosis and resources – both that which we have at hand and the far greater amount of knowledge that was lost over the passage of time in wanton acts of destruction by various paternal solar cults – then we are able to walk the paths of spiritual evolution back to the very first incarnate souls. These souls were guided by the spirits and Gods of Witchflame in their daily lives and in their spiritual evolution. In fact, the people of the first aeons were far more in touch with this aspect of being than the people of today.

The gnosis given unto man in these times, along with the vast knowledge bestowed unto the various priesthoods of the first great civilised cultures of the Atlantean Aeon, is the Primal Craft itself. It is knowledge and power, un-tempered by rewriting – this was gnosis that was bestowed directly; in either ritual passing-on of power or personal contact with the spirits themselves. This knowledge – lost due to the aforementioned reasons – is the Gnosis of the Trident Gods being returned to those devotees who have been awoken for this sole purpose.

The aspects of this craft go much further back than this, though. Before the creation of man, huge reptiles dominated this planet for somewhere in the region of 650 million years. These great beasts and the planet itself – the Body and Flesh of Belial – were ruled by the Primal Gods. Eating, hunting and mating patterns along with survival skills were given to these creatures by the Primal Gods as instinct. This communication is power within itself – power that still exists within the bowels of the earth and the inner planes. It is attainable and may be both ensorcelled and utilised through the application of rituals and the opening of gateways such as those given in “The Altar of Sacrifice”, the first Volume of “The Way of Sacrifice”.

If we look at the vast energy attainable by an evolved soul – drawing upon the sum of man’s evolutionary and spiritual power over the last 100,000 years – then compare this with 650 million years of reptilian evolution, the possibilities are almost limitless. This gnosis goes well beyond a soul’s ability to partake of the reptilian form through the inner planes. It actually leads to gateways within certain time veils in which is held the matrix of evolution itself. This is all a part of the Primal Craft as brought forth by Hecate, Lucifer, Belial and Sepheranz. The knowledge and subject matter as are vast as the bodies of the Gods themselves.

Within the work of Primal Craft, 4 main deities have dominating presences: Hecate, Lucifer, Belial and Sepheranz, surely there are other Gods worthy of mention?
Yes indeed, there are many. Rather than list them here, giving certain examples – some of which people will be familiar with and some not – I would counsel the devotees of the magickal and spiritual arte who are drawn to this work to seek them out individually. The Trident bring many spirits, ranging from Goetic entities, Primal Gods and Gatekeepers of Stellar realms forward to aid the devotees of this path. Within this huge ensemble are the many Gods and spirits of the forest realms and Draconian beings that dwell within the Lines of Flame coursing through Belial’s Flesh- the earth itself. Each being brought forth has knowledge and power that they are willing to bestow upon or share with the devoted soul who walks this path. Each person’s path is different and Hecate will ensure that the initiatory experiences gained during these encounters are relevant to both the individual soul and its unique purpose upon this path. 

It’s no secret that you mention the Mother Temple being located in Southern Spain. When you refer to the Temple of Four Pillars of Fire are you referring to the Pillars being that of elemental symbolical description, serving as esoteric gateways? Gateways to where?
The Four Pillars of Fire are part of the Mother Temple. They are both elemental and physical gateways, opening across the inner planes and the Pillars or Vortices of Flame that are the Thrones of the Gods, manifested in the world of man. The actual Pillars at the Mother Temple are the keys to the actual Pillars of Flame that are to be opened around the world.

One purpose of initiating chosen individuals within the Mother Temple is to locate souls who may be given the opportunity to open these Pillars of Flame. This is a huge undertaking and one that requires total commitment, sacrifice, and absolute and utter devotion to Hecate, the Trident and their work. This is very much about finding the correct people – the onus being on the individual to maintain the ethos of total devotion. If not performed correctly, the Pillar will not ignite and the power must be realigned to the Mother Temple – something that was unfortunately necessary with Lucifer’s Pillar of Flame, though this will be reignited in the near future.

When correctly empowered, the Pillars of Fire are vortices of intense energy that open to realms of their respective Gods. To that end they require that a structure, the details of which are specific to each Pillar, be formed within the throne of the respective God who may manifest in this realm. These structures must be ritually created after the work has been initiated. When all 4 Pillars are correctly opened they will conjoin through the Earth’s Dragon Lines to be empowered by the current flowing through the Mother Temple. The implications of this action are covered within “The Altar of Sacrifice”, the first volume of the Books of “The Way of Sacrifice”.

Speaking of Gateways, Mark, you’re referred to as the Gatekeeper of the Mother Temple, what’s the criteria of non-admittance?
Non-admittance? Well there’s a question and a half. The first barrier is lack of true devotion. It is of little significance what power and knowledge someone holds when they come to the Mother Temple if they are not willing to completely devote themselves to this Arte and its Gods. Devotees and people with the potential for great spiritual work – along with those simply seeking their own spiritual way – may be initiated by the Gods and spirits, with many being given their true spiritual purpose. Those who are unable to uphold their devotion and perform the work correctly, whether due to ego or other lower human traits, quickly fall by the wayside. I am sometimes approached by people who see initiation at the Mother Temple as a means to some kind of occult recognition or personal kudos – however they are quickly turned away.

I would prefer to list the qualities of those who would be accepted: Devotion to Hecate and the Trident Gods is the key to the success in this work. There are no short cuts or back doors to this Path. The power here is bestowed by the Gods themselves. This is a soul commitment and the pact for such – the allegiance of the individual soul to Hecate – is performed both at the Mother Temple and in the marking of one’s true names in Her Book. This is the marking of the soul upon the Queen of Hell’s own body; without this the initiatory work at the Temple is incomplete.

Those devoted souls who are prepared to undertake this Great Work will, throughout their path, be given the Knowledge and Power of the Totality of the All. Devotees who wish to walk a true eternal path by the side of their Gods – as opposed to having any power and knowledge ripped away from or closed within their souls, at the passing of each incarnation – are among the initiates who may be welcomed here at the Mother Temple. It is these souls who will be elevated beyond the last cycles of this universe to bathe in and reify the Stellar Kalas of Hecate in eternity.

I have noticed that the books contain not only stellar lore but also prophecies. Can you explain a little bit about this? How will this help mankind on an everyday mundane level today?
It’s no secret that the world is in such a terrible state today. We are headed for crisis and with the exception of those living in a self-imposed bubble, we all know it. The Gods have been watching our technological progress alongside the rising tide of greed and wanton destruction that we, as a race, perpetuate. It is within this greed and technological so-called advancement that man has become detached from the voices of the Gods. As such, he is at best unaware and at worst unwilling to heed the warnings that are being given now. We are at the dawn of the Apocalyptic Aeon (the Age of Re-Awakening for those willing to listen and act). The World Soul is out of balance. It will be weighed in 343 years from now. If it is not brought back into balance by that time then the Gods and the living Flesh of Belial will unleash cataclysms unseen since the Atlantean Fall. This will reduce the numbers of man, in turn re-balancing the World Soul and actually re-igniting our currently stagnate paths of spiritual evolution by unifying the remnants of our race in this mass destruction.

Within both the later volumes of the Trident Trilogy (and more so within The Altar of Sacrifice and its forthcoming companion volume) I have laid out the prophecies I received directly from Hecate and Her Kin. Many of the prophecies are found within the verses of the books. These warnings not only state why the cataclysmic events will take place, but when they will begin, which beings will initiate them and how their power will be manifested. Many of the evocations within The Altar of Sacrifice contain these specifics. It matters not if one book or one million are printed if mankind will not listen, and currently they do not. Therefore these works serve as a warning – and as prophecies recorded almost 3 and half centuries in advance – for those souls who survive these events.

The books contain gnosis of ancient elements such as the Apocalyptic Keys. Powerful rites and gateways within these volumes allow man to begin effecting change in the mundane world now. Some of this change could be considered cataclysmic or indeed Apocalyptic. However, if we do nothing and no attempt whatsoever is made to realign the unbalanced World Soul, the resulting action be will far more severe for our descendants.The spiritual knowledge within The Altar of Sacrifice empowers the individual. The prophecies grant an understanding as to why this ancient knowledge is being returned, and also how it can be applied in order to make a difference – now, and over the next 3 and a half centuries.

Witchcraft is nothing without the Will to act. That Will requires the necessary formula to be applied. The Gods and spirits are not bound by linear time, they can see where we are headed, what we are doing and what we will do to this planet. They also see the resulting backlash for mankind. The work of the Primal Craft within these books gives the devotee the ability to attain the necessary connections with which to not only understand this message that is relayed in direct contact, but to actively engage with those who bring it forth.

In The Shadow of the Trident cast by Lucifer’s Flames,
In Nomine Hecate,


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