Code of Ethics

  1. I will honestly report what I see and or receive, and will do my best to provide helpful interpretations of all intuitive readings and all messages from the spirits communicated from that may that I may receive, good or bad.
  2. I will ensure that my clients are aware that their actions may affect the outcome of any reading and that they know they have free will and the responsibility to exercise it.
  3. I will not give legal, medical, or investment advice, nor any other professional advice for which I am not qualified, however will work to find a reliable source if available from my means.
  4. I will do perform intuitive readings and provide spiritual direction in such a way that they provide help and assistance to all involved.
  5. I will be compassionate and responsible, and will offer solutions to problems and in many cases if needed or requested will refer or assist in magickal solutions . If it is not possible to answer a question or to assist spiritually without actual or potential harm to the client or others, the question or intent will be rephrased and or redirected or the reading and or magickal solution(s) declined.
  6. I will be prompt, honest, friendly and respectful in all communications and transactions with my clients.

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