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An interview with Tori Hartman
Author, Psychic and Spiritual Teacher 

Over the years, topics around the “Power of Intent”, has been mentioned in countless areas of life from healing, attaining material manifestations, to working within magick. Quite a while ago, it became apparent to me that once someone had success along the “Path of Intent” it became a constant practise. My guest, Tori Hartman walks within this path and will tell you her story, as well as how you may also strive towards a lifetime of attainment.

Tori Hartman
Tori Hartman

Tori Hartman is a world-renowned psychic, author, and spiritual teacher. Born and raised in the free-thinking atmosphere of New York’s Greenwich Village in the 1960s. Tori has worked with angelic forces that revealed the profound fables that were to become the basis of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. Using the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards along with books, classes, and seminars, Tori Hartman continues to promote the empowerment and The Path of Intent to individuals as well as the acceptance of their intuition to make decisions.

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Interview prelude with Tori Hartman

Your life’s story is quite impressive; you received marks of failure in school for your command in the English language and grammar, rejected as a professional model for being too short only to becoming Liz Claiborne’s first Petite Model to book publishers rejecting your works and being picked up at Watkins Publishing Limited, in the UK. Would you say that the “Power to defy Failure” has in a way appointed you to showcase the possibilities of the “Power of Intent”?
Interesting. I don’t think I ever saw myself as someone who would have a power to defy failure. I just think I wanted it that badly, and truthfully I didn’t already believe that it couldn’t be done. In fact I had a knowing that if I didn’t quit I could create anything. I didn’t know at the time that when I was doing was creating the basis for what would someday become my work.

I had no way of knowing that my drive was actually taking me were ultimately needed to go.

How long did it take to develop the Chakra Wisdom Oracles and why of the Chakra? Why not do a Tarot deck instead?
I don’t think I ever really chose whether to do a tarot deck, or an Oracle deck. The Angels

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards
Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

chose me. After my new death experience angels came and told me what I thought were silly stories, they wouldn’t go away until I wrote them down. So I wrote them down, and shove them in drawers, where they remained for nearly 10 years before I understood their value.

The original fables were told to me in colour, a variety of colour in fact. Again I truthfully had no way of knowing at the time how that would develop. Ultimately the fables were used in mastermind groups. Later the manuscript developed, and ultimately I found an artist to draw the cards for me.

I began teaching the cards in the order of the chakra. It wasn’t until I met my publisher at Watkins Publishing and they suggested the title of chakra wisdom Oracle cards that I realized that’s what it was.

Your system includes Multi-Generational Healing. It reminds of various biblical passages.. Truly the repentance and suffering is upon the original offender but a legacy is true, what do you suggest both ends of the generation can do to break the cycle?
In my work, I really don’t look at things as having an offender so to speak. We look at your grandparents, what you know about them and who they were. I created a system in which you can see your legacy, and ultimately once you see what you’ve been given, you can then step into creating your legacy.

The conversation of victim or victimizer is truly left for another class, to another teacher, my work is primarily about manifesting and magnetizing.

And if I hold true to that than what I’m doing is helping people see their hidden agreements with their ancestors that need to be healed. Hidden agreements with your ancestors will always trump the law of attraction.

What do I mean by that?

Sure you may build create something, can you sustain it? More importantly, can you really enjoy it?

The power of intent has worked with you quite well. I noticed you sell a range of products empowered to help others attain their intent. As I’ve read and seen your  testimonials of what others have manifested, how are your products different than what other spiritual stores offer? What are some of the mistakes you find most tend to do that prohibit their intent from manifesting? 
When I talk about the power of intention, it’s an energetic state that we step into. And the truly is a difference between a goal and an intention.

The purpose for goals who we become in the process, when you have a goal to become a doctor you go to med school and you become a doctor. In intention marks who we are stepping into being.

It’s interesting, I really think that in my experience the people who five rate with and work with my products have really great results, but I think that’s because they come ready to make things happen. I really don’t know what other people offer, I know that’s probably not great business, maybe I should look into what they do, but I really just do my own thing, and I think based on my history you can pretty much tell that about me without my having to say anything.  🙂

What’s on your TOP list before the year is out to manifest? Besides your products what are other tools you can suggest that others can use to help with their list of accomplishments before the year end?
My personal list, this may sound odd, but it’s to get a life. I work very hard, and I’ve surrounded myself with the perfect situation as a writer and creator. I have a wonderful relationship with my publisher, and my career is going wonderfully. So my intention this year is to really enjoy what I’ve created.

Honestly, I use my products, they are what has helped me create what I have created. In other words I use the tools of the chakra wisdom Oracle cards. What I have manifested is a direct result of them. So that’s all I could recommend, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t other things, I just haven’t found anything that works as well for me  – hey, that’s why I use them!  My intention is to share that with others.

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