Popular questions I receive about me, Mona Magick


Where are you from?

Im a seer and am originally from America. Raised in San Francisco, later moved to Chicago and attended University of Arizona. I travel a lot all over the world and love to experience different cultures. I currently live in the United Kingdom.

Is Mona Magick your real name?
Yep. Mona is my first name, the name I was born with and the name I was given for it’s numerical qualities that synchronised with my day and time and year of birth. Growing up I was often called, “Magic Mona” but later in my adulthood I was given the advice that I should “own” my Magic and not for it to own me. I changed the spelling from “Magic” to “Magick” so my name would not be associated with stage magic. It had nothing to do with Mr. Al Crowley reasoning’s behind his spelling of magick. The “K” part sorta stuck with me.  As for my full name…it’s out there if you look hard enough, if I wanted to hide it that bad it would be untraceable.  So my name really is “Mona’s Magick” that I have shortened as “Mona Magick”. Mona’s Magick because I have grown up and raised with various aspects of proven formulas of rituals and magick that have stayed within the family from various parts of the world that my family comes from ethnically.

What are your credentials?
I am a psychic and medium of over 40 years of experience using both aspects of clairvoyant and clairaudience as a means to division. I am a certified Master Reiki Teacher and NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist. 


Who are your mentors? How do you learn or did you learn what you know
I work with the spirits primarily and frankly not an educated or arm chair occultist. For the most part arcane knowledge is available to those who know where to look and is allowed to do so… I learned what I know for the most part from my family. Not everyone in my family of course is a practitioner. Some follow other paths…some like any family is a pain in the damn butt! Most are quite lovely. My mentor was mainly my grandmother and her grandmother who I was fortunate to meet. Her grandmother and grandfather were also practitioners. I am a 7th generation of what I do originating from a few different continents. The ranking, positions and practises of my family are again unimportant because it’s more about you and your path, not mine…

How long have you been a practitioner? 
That may give my age away but way over 4 decades + As I have always mentioned within public posts etc. I keep my mouth shut…no need to brag about anything that’s what the vast majority does. I was not brought up in the traditional ways so I don’t carry the same thoughts fears etc. nor was I ever raised in the western occult environment so lots of what I see today is news to me. Everyone seems to know it all so it makes me a teenager in thought and just learning all this stuff people swear by but oh well… we all go through learning curves now don’t we… I have lots to learn so it really doesn’t matter either way…I’m always learning from both the adepts and the falls of the idiots.

Will you teach me?
NO. I hope you can learn from my post and info I send out. I am old school and rarely teach beyond my own bloodline. There are exceptions of course but that bridge is rarely crossed. I’m still learning and the majority of in the way I do what I do contradicts popular occult philosophies. I have a very large range of resources of teachers who are eager to teach and share their views, inbox me for more details!

What are you a witch?
I will DO NOT refer myself as a Witch, I do not practise “witchcraft” Titles don’t mean much to me. Yes I have a direct bloodline to a few successful practitioners. My name is Mona Magick. Call me Mona Magick, Ms Magick or Mona. I am a seer and worker of magick, or manifestation and a student of always seeking more knowledge.

Are you Pagan? What is your Path?
Nope. I am not pagan. I do however, believe in the thought-forms of Pagan, God, gods, goddess, demons, etc. I don’t spend my time defining the divine I rather experience it….so far it’s the hardest thing to put in words. I don’t practise a path that’s on the bookshelves. I do honour many dieties but it’s more of a loving kinship, and respect than anything.

Can I find interviews of you on the web?
I’m a natural, I don’t do interviews well with me on the other side, I’ve a paranoid and secretive nature. I commend those that can open up to interview. I work well just being “me”. There are about 4-5 interviews of me out there but maybe one day I’ll break the cycle to do more.

What magick do you practice?
I use spirit communication and have never put a name to it (handed down thru my family). My name is Mona Magick for a reason…it’s Mona’s Magick, a collection of all that I have learned. Although I have tried other forms of magick….it’s only from a reference point.

Will you perform a spell for me? Do you do spells for the public?
No, I will not do a spell for you. I have performed spells successfully for a clients needs but because of my method I have always need to seek the approval with the spirits involved and in most cases I am unable to perform the spells on the behalf of others. However, I can assure you that I can provide a method to do so on your own. To explain further… imagine you have a friend who works at a company or a friend who just has connections… well someone comes over to ask you “Hey, I want to get into xyz school…get me in, I know you have a friend who can do it for me”… Without following through with the forces involved…it is NOT up to me to determine if they will grant or not grant that you will get in xyz school. I can however see as a seer if in your future you will get in or not to save the additional effort of a spell or see a path by which you may be able to attain your desire. You ask well then “what is magick” if you cannot just use it at will? Well you can actually do this but every deed requires a specific force involved… I am successful at what I do as I do not abuse this relationship and have a give and take with the forces I work with it is not just taking or asking for favours for monetary gain. I have no problem have a client to go to someone else to perform work for them…should they choose to do so.

Why won’t you perform a spell for me?
Because it’s better if you do it yourself and empower yoursself to manifest your desires through your own.  

Are you on the RHP or the LHP?
What paths? I don’t do paths…LOL! Which groups do you belong to?I don’t do groups either. You’ll hear me repeating say, i do heavy spirit work. That’s the biggest “group” I know”. No I’m not a solitary practitioner as one would call it…my agreement or pact if you will… I cannot belong to “groups” therefore I don’t. It’s hard when so many others belong to something… I feel left out but it’s through oath that I do it no other way which has become my life. No… I cannot write a book about this if this is your next question… that too is not for commercial distribution…again in due time things will be as they should. FYI I know of many who claim they follow either or the other and walk the opposite path… Being RHP does not mean that you know any less than the LHP visa versa as I’ve found much ignorance on both sides do to the prejudices the other feels is beyond then to endeavour.

Do you practice Voodoo? are you a Satanist?
Vodou is a very beautiful religion. Yes many have been confused with the involvement of the interviews that I have given but it has nothing to do with me being a practitioner…it’s more or less that I identify with vodou as a way of life that resonates with me. But a 1,000 times “no” I am not a Vodou queen, high priestess nor do I practice Vodou. I don’t know didly squat about vodou as a first hand practitioner. If you would like to learn more about Vodou I can direct you to those who would be willing to guide you on your path. Furthermore, I am not a Satanist either..many do not (including so called practitioners) do not understand what Satanism etc is. I respect those of many paths and do not judge nor feel that any path is better than the other. I have encountered many kind and many malevolent spirits all though life  that I have developed respect for in regards not to be treated lightly so much to toy and dabble with as I’ve seen so many do.   I have worked to spread awareness of these paths which is the reason behind the push for the advertisement in the past. Many have ostracised me out of ignorance and prejudice because of this… I could care less as there are billions to reach you may have a more open perspective and aren’t as closed, in a state of slumber or ignorant.

I don’t get you… One minute you present or post works on Angels and then another day you post things on Demons and admit you like both sides. Will you come clean?
I really don’t care what you are assuming at this point. When I present information it is just “that” information. I am a seeker of knowledge and each essay, interview or piece I do is purely to help others see a different view or to inform them of something, someone I feel my audience may be interested in. Demon or Angel…each spirit has it’s qualities that should be respected accordingly. Many Angels are what you call Demons to be blunt, visa versa. And not for crying out loud…Angels DO NOT have fricken wings! This form of visualization was done back in the renaissance time to give reason for how in the heck these “being” were flying…so the only way to explain such phenomena was to but wings on them…simply put. Such as the aura and the halo etc.

Do you believe in Jesus, God, Buddha etc?
I believe in a lot of things… I also question everything. You are obviously of organised faith? I have many versions bibles and am well versed on every chapter both from a religious and historical standpoint. But I also have a few different versions of the Torah and Quran…including many other books from other religions such as the Mormons, Hindu etc. I believe in many of the concepts of thought-forms and religions man has created because enough energy as they are real. I take many great qualities and teachings from every faith and culture, from the Jewish faith, from Islam from the Buddhist faith and so on.

So you’re a seer, will you do a reading for me?
You’re in luck. If you have “a” question, I will answer. I charge for readings otherwise. You may contact me at mona@monamagick.com I will let you know how much your reading will be.  Visit my Services section I accept PayPal payments at mona@monamagick.com

Do you need the cards to read?
Absolutely not! I need nothing… I just need your request to do the reading and your fee of course!  I use the cards however as it helps many times separate the energy when I’m reading for over 30 people in a given setting, the most I’ve read for at one given time was 75 but that brought me into a trance state so maybe that doesn’t count. I further elaborate on my readings I also use objects and a long list of ways I am able to communicate to the spirits and oracles for the information I need to translate or deliver back to you.

If you’re curious about my abilities… here are the few classifications of what I have done and provide on a daily basis: I am a Medium, Seer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Channeller, Empath, and Telepath. I communicate with spirits directly preferably without “props” and many times instantaneously. Most times, I need absolutely nothing to hone into any one of my talents and can provide an answer usually within seconds. I do not use religion, ritual nor most popular aspects during my services, however usually use the Tarot and natural stones to separate energies in between dealing with clients. More than often all of my work is done during trance including readings. I am very accurate, honest and ethnical with my work, and feel should I not be connected in providing an answer for you I will opt not to provide services for you and refer you to someone else who may be able to.

When will you be coming to my city?
I do not post my whereabouts anymore due to for some reason attracting many stalkers. I tend to only surprise and unannounced presentations because of this. I have travelled to 30 states in the US providing readings personally and 14 different countries. Just let me know what city and country you’re in and if there is a big event in town, it’s most likely I won’t have a problem being there with enough notice unless I’ve something planned.

You know a lot of people, can I have “…….” number? How can I meet those you’ve interviewed….
Lot’s of things I do are behind scenes that may not get published. I have very loyal business ethics and my personal relationships as well as business relationships is extremely confidential.  I am bound to the oath of my clients confidentiality. If you would like information the first course of action is to ask but emailing me at info@monamagick.com , If the person I have interviewed, met etc wants their information to be public usually it’s public for everyone and you can just as easily google them without a problem. I will take FULL action on anyone that violates my privacy or those that I have affiliated on my show without regard based on the severity of the offence. Information I have on my website of course or what I post on FB is of course is for the public domain.

You interview people from all over and support them equally does that mean you follow the paths as well?
NO, not in every instance. I will fully support every single person I interview from a business and spiritual standpoint until they violate the ethos of integrity by which I stand.

You seem to be more of a philosopher than a person of magic, why don’t you post more on conjuring and spells?
On my second version of my website I have a section of over 400 rituals. The industry is saturated with those that put spells up on the internet. There are few that lend to the psyche behind the intent, so I rather fill that void with helping those with “self” as “self” can be the biggest drive of success and failure. A ritual is absolutely nothing if you don’t have the right mindset. It’s the difference between a good spell and a bad one on many accounts.

You have promised to write a book? Where is it? What’s Next?
Change of plans….Do a search on Amazon there’s more than enough authors. I don’t want to write a book at this time. I have material since 1978 but my aim isn’t to publish books at this time. I have had offers to collaborate with some really great occultist but it’s just not for me at the moment.