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An interview with Mark Alan Smith on Witchblood Grail

“My devotion to Hecate is my existence, not just my life”

– Mark Alan Smith, Primal Craft

Mark Alan Smith
Mark Alan Smith

It was an honour to personally interview Mark Alan Smith of Primal Craft in Costa Del Sol in southern Spain on his latest tome, “The Witchblood Grail” which is the second volume, in the Primal Craft Trilogy. Mark Alan Smith narrates path and purpose of the Witchblood Grail, explaining the rites within this tome may be used collectively, or stand-alone adapted to the path of the individual to find empowerment. Devotees, will be pleased to know Mark illuminates key passages throughout the interview of each tome from The Queen of Hell, The Red King, The Scorpion God, The Altar of Sacrifice to The Witchblood Grail to further advance the student within this lifetime and beyond.

After reading The Witchblood Grail, it was quite challenging to articulate which questions would be suitable coming from a stand alone book that was of use to many and all, especially to a community that’s well informed. Where does one begin? What answers does one focus on for the greater public? All these questions were running through my mind. With intuitive synchronicity, Mark was able to reach within from just one queue and provide the audience through the depths of the meaning of true faith, devotion, initiation to the opening of gates and more.

The gnosis shared by Mark on The Witchblood Grail was bestowed by the spirits of the Witchflame Arte in the name of Hecate and Her Kin. This interview introduced an amazingly rare coverage where Mark Alan Smith shares his own personal testament and that of devotees, regarding death and resurrection; further speaking on exorcism, initiation, malefic curses, healing, human sacrifice, opening gateways and ritual incarnation of spirits and Daemons of Witchflame through human birth.

There are a few rituals that seductively drew to me, but as it isn’t ever about just one soul, nor using the catch phrases and buzz names of powerful daemons so many do – I agreed with Mark to focus on the core elements that related to what the Primal Craft provides in the mundane (as above as below…) else as others would mortally think….”what’s the point” In the previous interviews with Mark, he is blunt, very direct in stating that what he shares is for the souls evolution but for the first time Mark provides real life recent examples of what this Primal Craft will lend.

What has been brought forth within The Witchblood Grail is very profound and not for the faint, nor armchair occultist. However, what is revealed during this interview is the insight that may be taken on by all who are willing to embrace, accompanied is the balance that offsets this Dark Primal Arte from all others to one of illuminated beauty through love and devotion that rides a fine line of both reward or self destruction.

In Nomine Hecate

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