What is Magick?

Magick is not capable of producing “miracles” or violating the physical laws of the universe. Magick is an action, an event in nature which is brought to pass by one’s Will. Within the ritual and ceremonial passages, many practitioners take there are ways to understanding magick in a lesser esoteric way. If you don’t think Magick is possible to consider…

Arthur C. Clark’s quote that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” this alone tells us that Magick in itself is very possible by the fundamental proof of what many require to be considered “real”.

Magick forces are neither good nor ‘bad’, but are neutral. However, it is the intent that puts them in their popular “boxed categories”:

“White Magick” – Referred to RHP or (Right Hand Path Magick) Widely know or otherwise as “Good” Magick performed for unselfish reasons, such as helping others, healing and magick always performed with the others permission.

“Gray Magick” – This is the most common type of magick performed. Magick that is usually for self-interest, it brings about the desired outcome that is beneficial for the one performing magick. This may fall in the ‘black magick’ area because the intent is unselfish it is therefore categorized as ‘gray magick.

“Black Magick” – Mostly referenced to the LHP (Left Hand Path) Ridiculed and known for selfish reasons, to do harm to another, control another`s will (FYI, under this popular classification many Love spells often fall under this category), and for some people, magick performed without another`s` permission.

To be truthful there are no “colors” within magick as it is all in the intent and ultimately how the result roll-out. However here are some common terms used. Unfortunately, with within the occult community both RHP and LHP mutually snob each other thinking one is too evil or too fluffier than the other etc when all in all we all mean best, yet we all fall short at one point or another, therefore, we are inherited as half-breeds to each side.