The Gnosis of Hecate’s Gatekeeper


The Gnosis of Hecate’s Gatekeeper
Reviews of written books and interviews with Mark Alan Smith

Movie hecatesgatekeeperI get a lot of questions about my background and spiritual teachings. The truth of the matter is that I am definitely not a bookshelf occultist. My spiritual practice is one that has been handed down to me by my family and enhanced by gnosis gained during various forms of intense possession. As both a seer and empath, I spend many hours deeply engrossed in actual communication with the spirits, assimilating gnosis that I receive directly. I have collected many (honestly, too many) occult books over the years. When I first began to read them, I would find myself uninterested after a few chapters due to their lack of genuine substance. Not many books actually impress me, particularly if they are merely false experience or existing work that has been repacked and shrink-wrapped for republication. However, if my attention is captured I do meticulously follow the work in order to discover any hidden depths it may contain.

A few years ago, I had not even heard of Mark Alan Smith. It was only when people began asking me if I knew him that I began to look at his work out of mere curiosity. What really drew my attention was the adverse reactions from certain people towards his work– those same associates who originally mentioned his name to me. The intensity of their reaction seemed to be one of people who felt somehow threatened and one that put me in mind of the so-called learned who swore upon their first born our solar system only consisted of 7 planets’  and who would rather cling desperately to a proven fallacy, than experience actual truth or a revelation. This initial reaction is what led me to look closer at Mark Alan Smith’s work.

The more I learned about the author, the more I was intrigued about reading his works. It was not hard to see that the man had a very powerful and direct connection to Hecate and Lucifer, amongst other Gods. Experiencing this current from the perspective, at that time, of a mere bystander was enough to prompt me not only to begin acquiring the Primal Craft books, but also to seek out the man himself. Through the medium of the books – consecrated as gateways to the Gods – and personal contact with Mark Alan Smith, I experienced the Gnosis of Hecate’s Gatekeeper.

The Sacred Texts of Primal Craft

In my opinion, a book isn’t a “book” until its content becomes alive within the hands of its owner. I believe that when esoteric knowledge gained from a book is actually experienced through different filters of life that it becomes epic. I also believe that this knowledge should be shared.  In this review I reveal such an epic: one of love, honour and devotion.

The books of the Primal Craft are the result of gnosis communicated directly to Mark Alan Smith – the Gatekeeper of Hecate’s Temple of Four Pillars of Fire. They are works of power that have been forged through experience gained, and ordeal endured, along his own personal path; one that he has been instructed to share with others with the purpose of assisting soul evolution and allowing individuals to engage with the Gods and the environment and world in which they live.

It is here that I also unveil my own unexpected spiritual journey – my own personal experiences and revelations of the books and their author which led to my journey within this primal magickal arte. The following is not intended as comprehensive book review – they are my own thoughts, feelings and experiences with these books, this work and the man who brought it forth in the name of Hecate. I have chosen to share this here:

The Foundation

I am familiar with the knowledge of most deities, but I do not have the same vision as those held by the majority of people of what and who they are, until I have personally encountered them. Therefore it was uncanny that I resonated completely with the persona of Hecate and the pantheon that Mark described within Queen of Hell. This resonance and the authors infectious love

Queen of Hell
Queen of Hell

and devotion, drew me – beyond his writing – to the source of power behind these words; Hecate. Throughout countless passages I found experiences so very familiar to my own. This and the many descriptions of the Gods engendered a feeling of spiritual kinship. Looking at the whole picture it became quite clear to me that the relationship the Gatekeeper has with Hecate is one that stretches far beyond the mere mundane level of everyday worship – it is a bond and connection held at soul level, threaded by an unbreakable line of the deepest love and dedication. Mark’s connection to Hecate is the very bloodline of his soul. Queen of Hell provided the base foundation for the work within all books that followed in its wake – just as Hecate is the Queen and Mother of all who came after Her.

I have read many reviews that this book was rather “dark”, I beg to differ. Working with Hecate through the medium of Queen of Hell you must detach yourself from any preconceived notions of this Goddess – in doing so you allow yourself to accept Her true primal form, when it is revealed to you. I personally found that it was easier to assimilate the given gnosis if I detached myself from any preconceptions and conscious morality during these particular phases, something that has always made my relationship with Hecate quite fluent.

Within this book you’ll find plenty of rites for connecting to Hecate and the Witch Gods as well many – including the infamous Toad rite – geared towards spiritual evolution. It is not my intention to discuss these paths, merely to illuminate the books through my own particular lens. To that end the most loving and heart-felt rite that I found within Queen of Hell was the self-dedication rite to Hecate. Though this book may or may not be mandatory in the readings in forthcoming books I found it to be an essential base of reference. Personally, I would classify Queen of Hell as the foundation of all Primal Craft works. I admit that I struggled to give a simple synopsis of this book, because- like all of Mark Alan’s books – the information is so incredibly loaded with heavy material on both the mind and soul that it needs to be read and more importantly, experienced, by the individual.

An Introduction and First Experience of this Work

I actually came into possession of The Red King by the hand of fate, a while before I managed to obtain a copy of Queen of Hell. I was very impressed when I received my copy of The Red King. The book is in excess of 300 pages and is beautifully bound. As a child, I grew up understanding and having the utmost respect for the power and wisdom that Lucifer illuminates. I also know that many who have published books on the Light bearer have never had a relationship with this powerful God. Most will play it safe

The Red King
The Red King

and rewrite the experience of others as a visa of acceptance boasting on experiences most familiar to the masses – this is certainly not the case with The Red King. The gnosis within this book is very true, the relationship very real. However, this is a book of gnosis so anyone reading it needs to throw out any popular historical impressions of Lucifer they may have.

When I received The Red King I did not expect to be led inside the realm within this book. What I saw – through the eyes and soul of Mark Alan Smith – was a soul who had stood before Lucifer. Everything we do in life leaves an imprint, especially if done with great intensity. Intentionally or otherwise, Mark provided a gateway through which I was able to experience this phenomena – I actually saw through this man’s eyes. (Maybe this was because of his intent during the consecration).

I decided not to read the book in a “normal” manner and instead found myself psychometrically divining through the times and experiences Mark had engraved in ink within this tome. As a seer, I was able to see that the gnosis given within this book was indeed truth – obtained through the author’s own experience. I had seen what he described within the various gateways that opened within the book. In my relationships with the spirits, I am shown many things and as such I know that only a few can go through these ancient gates, so to see this actually written within a book took me by quite by surprise. In looking deeper, I was able to validate Mark’s experiences. What I felt was the most ultimate devotion and love that a soul could give to its Gods (above all to Hecate). I admit publically that I was taken aback and quite overtaken by emotion. I stopped reading The Red King for a few weeks as I was not prepared to be the recipient of any further gnosis due to the profound connection that had been made to my own soul by this flow of energy. Some actual soul searching on my own part was required before I could complete the journey through the gateways within this book.

Throughout both Queen of Hell and The Red King  those with eyes to see may view the author’s life path along trails of death, loss, blood and sadness that lead ultimately, through his work with the Gods, to closure in his own life’s experiences; preparing a soul – forged through these experiences – for the work of the Gods. Those who are unable to look this deeply will instead ( and from evolutionary stand-point, more importantly) see the Path of Flames that leads through this work (and indeed all Primal Craft books). The aim of following this path through the rituals within this book is to obtain one of the three crowns of divinity; each one elevating the soul’s evolution. They may see the author’s interaction, through various rites, with the Atlantean current; an energy that I closely recognized.

I found this to be a book of pure gnosis, one that contains rites that attune the individual’s soul to Lucifer and those beneath him, mapping a path to true ascension. This is a book of communion and possession – a journey, now shared by the author, for others to attain this path. I believe the purpose of The Red King was to connect me with the author in order to forge new beginnings within my own work. After receiving this book l was granted the opportunity to interview Mark Alan Smith.

Resonating with the Ancient Path

As the book titles illuminate:  Queen of Hell is dedicated to Hecate, The Red King to Lucifer and the final volume of the Trident Trilogy, The Scorpion God, is dedicated to Belial.

For Lucifer, I have always had love and respect. With Belial, the love was of a more intimate nature. This edition is bound in mahogany silk along with a golden seal upon the cover and was of the classic quality that I had become accustomed to.  It was also

The Scorpion God
The Scorpion God

hand-numbered and individually consecrated like all its sibling volumes. As a naturalist, graphic artist and fashion designer by profession, I was able to appreciate the art work re-created by Namtaru in alignment with the author’s original drawings and visions under his strict direction. I know from experience that attempting to re-create the artwork and artistic and occult visions of another is no easy task for either artist or the original visionary.

The Scorpion God consists of 6 main books, each with sub-chapters revealing the path of soul transmutation. At a glance it can be seen that this third volume was created from the author’s own practice with much love and dedication. This volume continues to illuminate gateways of power, opened in the performance of rituals which initiate spiritual evolution within the previous books, ultimately leading the soul upon the Path of Flames in search of the Three Great Crowns of Divinity. Each chapter takes the adept into a deeper path through tests of the soul itself, which must negotiate the Depths of the Atlantean realm, the forbidden inner planes of the first universal soul path of man. From opening the Six Towers of Belial to encountering the Devil Goddess Sepheranz, the adept who performs this work endures many tests of body, mind and soul in their search for the spiritual and stellar knowledge of the Gods.

I have often been asked if I have performed any of the rituals Mark Alan Smith has shared through his books. I have to state for the record that the answer to this question is no. Instead the books have served me as a conduit of empowerment. They are after all gateways to their patrons and gateways open both ways. I did not purchase the books seeking mundane power, my most treasured goal has always been the evolution of the soul and direct communion with the Gods. It must be stated however that this book of Belial offers the adept power surpassing the limitations of the human condition; freeing a soul that walks the Path of Flames from any bindings of petty human concern. Although quite capable, I am not interested in curses, nor am I interested in the juvenile notion of supremacy or dominance over others for my own egotistical desires. I have always more or less worked side by side both with those of flesh and those of spirit. With that said it is worth mentioning that the rites aren’t for the faint of heart, with acts of sexual practices, blood sacrifices, humility and tests of courage to face one’s own fears.

Only the ignorant believe that they could force a God to work with them. Within this work you must first be welcomed by both the Gods and familiars before you may transgress the gates to the depths. These Primal forces are beyond our own flesh so each transition can be overwhelming depending on the level of power of each individual soul. This is why the author cautions that the rites be performed sequentially. This advice is not to stunt ones growth nor limit power, but to enhance it. Performed sequentially, the work armors the soul with layers of wisdom and power needed to endure the intense energy that flows along the paths of these deep spiritual realms.

There’s a lifetime of knowledge embedded within the pages of The Scorpion God as with all of the previous publications by this author. Moreover, limitless power awaits the adept who is able to undertake all rituals with the dedication of a devoted soul.

To purchase The Scorpion God visit:

A Return to the Wilder Aspects of Witchcraft

Of the four books that Mark has brought forth thus far, The Altar of Sacrifice was the one that appealed to me most. Ever since it was first mentioned to me, I had highly anticipated both its completion and arrival. This is mainly because I have participated in blood rituals and sacrifice since the single digits of my life and as such the subject was fascinating to me.

However, given the title (it’s no secret that many societies find sacrifice a taboo) I was also

The Altar of Sacrifice
The Altar of Sacrifice

interested to see what others had to say about it. Overall one thing is agreed: the book exudes an undisputed sense of power, magnetism and intrigue. It’s got a really sexy feel to it that I have never felt from another book. As I ran my fingers over the cover, I felt like I was collecting souls by the touch. The thick luxurious material the book is bound in is empowered by the stunning copper seal of Flesh, Fur and the Forest stamped upon the front cover. In short, The Altar of Sacrifice is sensuous to the touch and the power imbued within it during consecration exudes from within the books pages. Even people (library people to be precise) not of the occult community were stunned by the quality of the book’s construction.

It’s fair to say that I personally find much of the esoteric community to be rather eccentric and at many times overly or even unjustifiably picky (often without reason or merit in their snooty comments which are usually veils of mere jealousy). It was therefore always going to be interesting to see the reaction that this book initiated from certain parties. To be fair, not many know or much less understand the power that flows through blood. As such I think it is also fair to say that this book is geared more or less to the advanced adept – the author doesn’t get into the fundamentals other than to note that gateways across the planes can be opened through the flow of blood (being the key to manifestation and the source of being). I know from speaking to Mark at great length that the driving force behind returning this knowledge – and allowing man to once again possess power that has not been diluted in rewritten texts over the passage of time – was Hecate.

One of the main purposes behind this controversial book is to reopen Gates of Power. The knowledge of their very existence has been lost for millennia (often being destroyed by those who wish to prevent the common man from accessing such tremendous energy).  By releasing The Altar of Sacrifice, Mark is sharing this knowledge with others, allowing devotees to undertake similar tasks on behalf of the Gods. The underlying focus is still, as it has been from the very beginning, the evolution of the soul returning knowledge and replacing power back into the hands of the common man.

Rather than write my own (very personal) experiences with this book I feel that it is best to leave its description to the author, thereby allowing his own words to penetrate the consciousness of those reading this so that they may decide for themselves if this path and consequently, the knowledge within this book, is for them:

The first volume in this closely woven trilogy consists of three inner books, each revealing legendary power of the Olde Ways, attained through the Arte of Bloody Sacrifice. The Volumes of Sacrifice are forged from a practice that was born of gnosis received beyond the Gates of the Final Judgment of the Soul, a pact undertaken in free will by the author with Lucifer, in the name of Hecate. The Path of the Devotee is then illuminated from the initial Gift and Pact that opens The Way of Sacrifice, to the formation of the Mother Temple of Four Pillars of Fire through Vortices of Death and Gnosis of the Apocalyptic Keys. Glyphs filled with sacrificial blood open the Backward Atlantean Path of Hecate.

It is important to remember when considering this book that what the author describes – the possession, manifestation and the actual blood-work within these pages – is first-hand experience.

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The Scorpion God: The Forbidden Wisdom of Belial
The First Interview

It isn’t my intention to detail the interviews in their entirety – you can find them on my site. Instead I offer here a few observations into the character, person and abilities of Mark Alan Smith.

I really didn’t know what to expect from Mark – after all his books are rather intense. I had assumed that he would be very like his written work; focused and intense. Over the course of several conversations I found Mark to be a person who shares a wealth of knowledge. His willingness to advise on all manner of queries pertaining to the magickal arts without the slightest hint of arrogance was refreshing to say the least.

What I really liked about Mark was that he isn’t just a magician, but also a medium who has the ability – if required – to enter the inner planes without the need to induce this effect externally through ritual. In a mesmerizing interview, Mark shared with me the sequence of events that led to the manifestation and release of the Trident Trilogy. I discovered that all his books are originally handwritten in a state of ritual possession before then being transferred into digital format and edited over and over. The original hand-written text is empowered and consecrated in ritual – sometimes involving sacrifice, always involving Mark’s own blood – even before the actual printed books are bound, numbered and consecrated.

I spent hours listening to Mark’s interview as I worked through the chapters of the books, configuring the appropriate pictures and transitions in order to synchronize what he was relaying verbally with the correct images. Unfortunately, due to states that I tend to drift into when following the current, I lose track of time – therefore instead of the usual one week production time it took me 3.5 weeks to complete the editing process before I was able to publish the video interview.

Because of the profound dialogue and knowledge that was shared, I felt that I could not allow the interview to be closed without an offering of gratitude to the Gods, in much the same way as one would do within a ritual. The reason for this was that I could clearly sense throughout the interview that Mark had reached a certain point of connection and was actually receiving gnosis in direct connection – the Trident Gods were guiding him, informing him what was permissible for him to share with the audience. Mark chose the Gods he served as the subjects of his verbal dedication, this can be heard at the end of the video interview of The Scorpion God.

Meeting Hecate’s Gatekeeper – A series of personal interviews in the South of Spain

There was never a plan to take the first interview past The Red King, but when you are led by the Gods the possibilities are limitless, and at times unpredictable. Meeting the author for the first time was something I wanted very much after having such an intimate spiritual connection to his work. Introduced through the current of Lucifer, brought closer by Belial, the common denominator that has always been present but not openly spoken of previously was the presence of Hecate. She has been in my life in one form or another for as long as I can remember. These combined forces led me to conduct the series of interviews beginning with The Altar of Sacrifice and leading into the Primal Craft interviews in person in the South of Spain. The first interview included an online written prelude of 5 questions hinting to the depth of content that would be covered during this encounter with Mark Alan Smith.

It was much easier to speak with Mark in person. However, any conversation held around the work itself was always addressed with seriousness. The interviews (Part 1 & 2) can be found here: (Part 1 & Part 2 During the Primal Craft series of interviews I invited him to share not only his vision of the Arte but also that of Primal Craft Occult Publishing. This personal interview also included a prelude of 5 written questions. Both the written prelude interview and the interview held in Spain can be found here: (

Despite the vast amount of information that one is able to find on the internet there is quite a bit of information that is inaccurate so here are a few things I would like to share with you.

    1. Mark Alan Smith is a British man living on the south coast of Spain.
    2. Mark served for many years in the military; leaving as a Section Commander.
    3. A physical “Mother temple” such as illustrated within the pages of The Altar of Sacrifice – does exist! It is discreetly positioned within the mountains of Southern Spain.
    4. The author is a full-time devotee to all members of the Trident of Witchflame: Hecate, Lucifer, Belial and Sepheranz.
    5. There is a Book of Hecate in which the aspiring adept who has undertaken initiation at the Mother Temple may enter their own name in blood.
    6. There are many hand-written volumes finished and waiting to be published (books will be released from Primal Craft Occult Publishing for decades to come).
    7. Consecration, the spilling of blood, sexual practices and sacrifice is practiced readily with love, dedication and without hesitation throughout each rite.
    8. Initiates must all come to Spain as there are no virtual initiations. Outside of the self-initiation work of the Primal Craft books, initiation work is conducted in person at the Mother Temple.

The Academic Lens

The Primal Witch Craft of Hecate, has been recognized by the Academic Community as a spiritual vehicle for soul evolution within Hecate’s Witchflame Path. Primal Craft is included alongside several other Mystical Currents within Dr. Monette’s latest academic text-book: Mysticism in the 21st Century. Dr Monette (Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco), and Associate Professor of Religion in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences) examines five contemporary spiritual movements: Hermeticism, Paganism (The Primal Craft), Sufism, Tantra, and Yoga. This study and research of Primal Craft was quite impressive, for  it was the students who attend the university and not the Professor who chose to bring The Primal Craft to the forefront of academic interest.

The Primal Craft Publishing Company – A vehicle for Gnosis of the Gods

Primal Craft Occult Publishing’s sole purpose as a company ensures the manifestation of the knowledge of the Witchcraft Trident in the form of very high quality and truly magickal books. Each and every single volume will always be individually consecrated in full ritual possession, unsealing the gateways and awakening the spirits of the book’s patron within. Each book is a living talisman of the Witchcraft Arte. The manifested books are the result of direct contact with the Gods and spirits of Witchcraft. They enable the student of this Arte to walk its pathways in full, upon a journey of soul transformation and spiritual ascendance. Within each book there is a transmutational path. The books of the Trident are created to act as gateways and links to their respective patron Gods.

Final Thoughts
Hecate’s Gatekeeper and Primal Craft

In each interview that I conduct, I try to approach the practice and arte of my guest objectively and present it accordingly in the hope of reaching out to everyone, no matter which path they may come from. It was really a great pleasure to have met Mark Alan Smith, Hecate’s Gatekeeper and the man at the helm of the occult publishing company Primal Craft.

No matter which path one may come from, there is much to be gained from the Primal Craft and gnosis that Hecate’s Gatekeeper shares. Colour, creed or spiritual background is irrelevant because collectively, we are of the same race with many of us seeking the knowledge and inherited power that will empower us once again to the state of spiritual and soul evolution. Ultimately this should be the goal of all spiritual incarnate forms. Primal Craft allows us to not only trace the lineage of our soul ancestry and true origin but to actively engage with the Gods and spirits in order to effect change in our environment in a world that so drastically requires it.

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