A New Beginning: Image, Material & Works…


As times have changed and so has my broad audience, it’s only right for me to reinvent my public image. It would be a very easy task for me to bend to the demands and offer more in-depth material, alienate various aspects of spirituality due to their “others” personal beliefs, prejudices and in some cases if not many, ignorance – but you should know…that’s not “me”. This world is full of billions of souls both young and old that have not been introduced to or require the information that I have provided over the years. But as I DO listen to my audience, I will be bringing more enhanced versions of all that I have in the past in a simple no-nonsense approach no matter how New Agey, in-depth, dark or sinister some may feel material has been in the past. Honestly, things don’t have to be that complicated! Please don’t take this for granted though, as simplicity is subjective…that which many call “depth” is only because they find it further than their previous reach and perspective. I will visit the depths of spirituality and the occult at a later time…

Anything light, dark and so on…well I bring you this script:

So “Why so serious? asked the Joker… “Why not?” responds the other…
(the simple above dialogue will always remain true to some degree on deriving to that it’s very unlikely to able please everyone!) 
So what is new with this new platform? For starters a completely NEW website! Videos, and topics on technology, occult, spirituality and overall well-being and how the affect you and your path. Not to mention, I will be writing more as I did once before my 3 year sabbatical whereby I had produced over 160 in-depth articles that well may have just been books in their own right. Finally yes, I will be touring and announcing my lectures and public speaking engagements as they approach. That’s not all but I would say that’s enough for now wouldn’t you?
I aim to please a few of the hundred, the thousands and who knows – the incredible may happen for me to touch the billions – image that! Enjoy this new website, my new shows, intriguing-challenging topics and guest, new images to come, and last but not least my new videos! And yes…some things remain constant, I am always going to be “me” giving you all I’ve got above and beyond! 
Unexpected Blessings in Abundance!
Mona Magick 


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