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2,659 total views, 2 views today Related posts:A New Beginning: Image, Material & Works…A Dedication to FathersA Full Moon in RitualDick A. Kirchner – A review of "The Altar of Sacrifice"

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Becoming an Accurate Reader for Yourself & Others

The great news is that everyone has the potential to either become a good and accurate Reader and to even better their skills. Continue reading

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A New Beginning: Image, Material & Works…

“Why so serious? asked the Joker… “Why not?” responds the other…
(This simple dialogue will always remain true to some degree on deriving to that it’s very unlikely to able please everyone!) Continue reading

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The Laws of Attraction Video Contest

Tell the world how you manifested the Laws of Attraction and win! in fact everyone is a winner as you will see all will learn from one another in attracting all what you can want in your life. Continue reading

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Treadmill Occult

With the phenomena of unveiled mysteries still yet to be revealed, I believe the population has become distracted by the special affects and desensitized what could be or is the truth- in awe with the frills around it (the blood, sex, and profanity. Continue reading

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Seeds Of The Hidden

At some point there is a beginning…even at the time of nothing – yet the hidden or better yet with the “Occult” no one has ever quite found it’s beginning as its cord is attached to times birth. Continue reading

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Is it OBE or Time Travel?

One of the main issues for many physicists is that time-travel back in time is only theoretical, whereas going forward has been proven but what is time but a frame within at thought however real or unreal you may feel or think it is… Continue reading

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