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The anatomy of basic divination

Divination also known as Fortune-Telling, has been misunderstood by the millions for centuries. There are other concerns about divination that many people have, mainly the belief that it can be used to tamper with destiny, or fate. In essence it is a common belief that fortune tellers “play God,” which many people believe is wrong. Also, many people believe that … Continue reading

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Rebirth of Magick

The “Comeback, the Rebirth of Magick”? It has never gone…I’m a firm believer that because we exist there is NOTHING impossible! In fact the very simple nature of a small flower contains magick in itself! Evolution involves many facets of change. The theory of evolution formalized by Charles Darwin still does not explain our mental capabilities, or intuition. Scientifically it’s … Continue reading

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Words of Power

Words are telling, in more ways than one, words vibrate energy, energy that influences you and all around you… Your choice of words says a lot about you and whether or not you will achieve your goals in life… Word Power is real. Invoking the power of loving language can make the impossible possible…. Yes, words have power. Words have … Continue reading

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Who Spools Thy Fate?

The Moirai or “Fates” were personifications of the inescapable destiny of man named; Atropos, Clotho and Lachesis, daughters of Zeus and Themis, who were in charge of watching over fate. Clotho was the spinner, Lachesis was the drawer of lots, and Atropos represented the inevitable end to life. This notion that human fate was spun around a person at birth … Continue reading

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Lame New Age Pick-Up Lines

I know I’m close to being correct but if my recollection of documentaries and research proves accurate the human species is the only one of its kind that has sex recreationally and not for pure reproduction. Candidly I question: “And” “What’s wrong with that?” Logically you must admit that through choice having too many children is illogical if you cannot … Continue reading

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