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Mysticism in the 21st Century

Within this academic text book Dr Monette examines five contemporary spiritual movements: Hermeticism, Paganism, Sufism, Tantra, and Yoga. Alongside Mark several other devotees have collaborated with Dr. Monette to assist in the creation of a book that presents an academic study of five of the world’s mystical paths… Continue reading

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A Rare Exclusive Interview with Dr. DePrince

> Media > Up Close Interviews Not much is known of Thessalonia DePrince,”Dr. DePrince” (as he’s known by some). In February 2012 I met with Dr. DePrince in England where after decades being a close friend and confidant, he granted me the honour of a rare and exclusive interview. The granting of this interview was conditional, which is between me and him … Continue reading

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In God We Trust

Life doesn’t have to be a long bad dream full of injustice if you just wake up in taking action instead of idly watching. You will always be a victim by doing nothing. Continue reading

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A Dedication to Fathers

The “ideal father” from an institutionalised position is one who conforms to marriage of the mother, financially supports his family, protects and leads, provides example to the given societies morals that will carry on for generations to come within his own bloodline. Continue reading

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Updates for June 2013

Not much to say other than I’ve continuously brought the best guest and content for you all!  The guest that I’ve had on my show have been selected based on the information that you’ve requested and that I know you will benefit from the knowledge shared.  For the month of June you can expect the following great guest: 6th June: … Continue reading

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New Video Series

I’ve lined up interviews, documentaries and updates for all to view which by popular demand will also be converted in audio format Continue reading

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The Transformation & Perception of a “GOD”

There is no “GOD” with personality of pardon, nor with the delegation of punishment to be given but a Force to draw upon for the greater or lessor…a founder by none. Continue reading

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