What’s New!


I’ve added a few updates to my site:

1. As of today 23rd Feb 2014 the individual page counts will be measured. Sorry it doesn’t reach to prior days but it’s a good measurement to let you know from this day on how popular some pages will and have been. The stats my be previewed at the bottom of every page.

2. You may connect to me and subscribe if you like and now there’s a direct page link! http://www.monamagick.com/media/contact-me/connect-share-subscribe/ 
Just go to to “Contact Me” at the top of any page and hover down to “Connect Share & Subscribe”

3. If you didn’t get a chance to view any of the newsletters that went out here’s your chance! I’ve uploaded a new page that will contain all news letters sent out!

4. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve a new section called Up Close Interviews where I have preludes to all my upcoming video interviews. Visit; http://www.monamagick.com/media/up-close-interviews/ This feature is to allow YOU the audience a sneak peak to what my guest will speak about. Once the video has been released there will be a link on the same page. You can also reach this page by hovering over the “Media” button and scrolling down to “Up Close Interviews”

5. Of course many now know of my “What’s New” button where I do have all updates for social media posts, web updates and overall upcoming events etc.  This can be found within the menu of my site under “What’s New” http://www.monamagick.com/media/whats-new/