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Somewhere between an indepth review of The Witchblood Grail and a thesis of the Primal Witchcraft itself, US Attorney Dick A. Kirchner explores the return of the unbridled power of this Witchflame Arte.
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Between the Devil and the Dark Witch Queen





After a lengthy sabbatical, I release the first view of work behind the scenes. This issue is packed with interviews and announcements from the issue of the 2nd Edition of Mysticism in the 21st Century by Dr. Connell Monette, and interviews with Mark Alan Smith of Primal Craft on Witchblood Grail and it’s power that it holds to both heal and inflict malefic impact, Alice Smeets on her newly designed Ghetto Tarot and the promised published interviews of some of the most well respected practitioners & artist such as, Hagen von Tulien speaking on the current he works through and technique, Naba Iritah Shenmira on the Dogon Bloodline and Jennifer MacKenzie regarding mediumship at it’s purest. To view the most recent newsletter click here >>

Professor C.R. Monette provides an academic review of The Altar of Sacrifice and The Witchblood Grail not only providing scholastic direction to the student, but to occultist alike in quest to aiding in their souls evolution. Read more>

In Nomine Hecate
In Nomine Hecate