Lame New Age Pick-Up Lines


I know I’m close to being correct but if my recollection of documentaries and research proves accurate the human species is the only one of its kind that has sex recreationally and not for pure reproduction. Candidly I question: “And” “What’s wrong with that?” Logically you must admit that through choice having too many children is illogical if you cannot properly provide for them. Perhaps the biological clock of animals is on target with the “circle of life” and not overpopulating. Something perhaps we all can learn from.

Just this morning as I was going through my email.. I ran across gentleman requesting information on how he could join a religion to legally use mind-altering drugs that give him the “LSD” effect. One would look down on this guy but I sought to understand his request which is a growing trend in fads abusing religions,occult and mysticism. As I took a sabbatical and decided to just take a walk through a town that I was visiting last week I saw on the news stand in a small bookstore a bracelet for sale that the entertainer Madonna wears in lieu of her belief of the Kabala. In this article I won’t go into the Kabala but I will tell you that a bracelet alone is far removed from the Kabalistic teaching.

It’s sort of advertising “Buy the cross that Johnny Depp wears through his faith of Christianity” I almost disturbed the peace of the bookstore when I saw vixen Britney Spears quoted that she new found faith one she’d been looking for was in the Kabala as well. No doubt that I think it’s great that many people are exploiting the occult. All I could see is her video “Sex Slave” in my mind, her kissing Madonna, and the rings of her song”Hit Me Baby One More Time” . But is the media cheapening it? Distorting the truth it’s message or paving the way towards those seeking enlightenment? It’s no surprise to me that one of my biggest money making months is October or that my sales soar during any Magick movies such as Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter. Granted as everything has a balance I’m hoping the if these artist are serious that they can help fund and promote the education of the Kabala such as Tom Cruise has done for the Church of Scientology. So all is good.

It’s not just the media its religious and occult functions the predictors or perhaps people who don’t know how to properly approach the opposite sex have said So in light of the subject matter I’m including the 10 worst pick-up lines that was in MSN last week. Look at these lines that I’ve also heard at various functions to me: NOTE: Please do NOT use any of the below lines as they will cause you to be humiliated. Try NOT to laugh!

“What’s your sign?” – (A truly classic one as a sun sign does not truly reveal the real “You”)

“You must be a broom because you’re sweeping me off my feet.”

“Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.”

“Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?”

“Are you lost? Because heaven’s a long way from here.”

“Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?”
Real one liners that have been told to me within the last year within the occult circle:

“Your natal chart and mines shows that we’re meant for each other..let not waste anymore time ”

“We can be one through Enochian Sex we need to make sure this happens before the New Moon”

“There’s a skyclad (naked) ritual in honor of the Spring Equinox – I’d like you to join us at midnight”
“This is an important! No ritual clothes are allowed”
“Everyone you share yourself with in this room will make you stronger”

“Come closer, don’t be afraid of sharing yourself it’s only a body this is a spirit world and it is only the spirit we share here through this body that’s a vehicle”
“Man made the institution of monogamy – having sex with all of us is just sharing your energy that you we all could use – sister”

“This is the tradition it’s always been done this way”
“You are truly dedicated if you give your love to the “Master” through me.”
Ok, take a deep breath and get a good dose of the truth. Many of the statements above could be true. Sharing energy can be done in many ways including sex. Some rituals can be best done skyclad. When you are first learning about your religion or studying areas of occult keep some common sense about yourself. In any situation unless it’s mutually agreed and should not involve sex, or any form of molestation. Abuse is everywhere and there are many “false prophets” everywhere as much as there are bizarre customs. However, .in many customs, religious gatherings etc. there is more bodily contact than others, yes some to include alcohol in rituals, some may be naked and much more. Do not allow your ignorance to stunt your growth. Now thy step before the imprint is laid. Make sure that if it’s the effect that drugs you are seeking then your quest to find a religion that has it legalized won’t work for long as the members will know your ill intentions eventually. Truly one is capable of attaining all within the spirit without outside abuse. When studying into areas of the occult be mindful that the unknown is much bigger than you and should be respected. I recently ran across a gentleman who wanted to have a demon summoned then captured for him to do his bidding. If someone else has to capture such a beast and you can’t then what would make this seeker think that he’d be able to contain this beast less have the beast do his bid.

Certain religions, occult, and other areas spiritualism may look glamorous to many but it takes hard work and years of not just your mind but also your souls dedication. With each level you reach your sacrifice and challenge is just as great and your reward for success even greater. So to all just remember there is no bracelet, no Hollywood fade, no one liner, no movie nor book that will get you up to speed and cause you instantaneous power. It is through you and what you are willing to give that will set your path of growth. So called short cuts will only do just that cut your growth and stagnate your souls purpose to be elevated to the force that illuminates all.

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