Who Spools Thy Fate?


The Moirai or “Fates” were personifications of the inescapable destiny of man named; Atropos, Clotho and Lachesis, daughters of Zeus and Themis, who were in charge of watching over fate. Clotho was the spinner, Lachesis was the drawer of lots, and Atropos represented the inevitable end to life. This notion that human fate was spun around a person at birth by divine Spinners – in other words, the Fates – was popular in Greek mythology, poetry, and literature.

Knowledge gained from a premonition should be used for it’s prediction forewarning else why bother to know! So if one of the greatest questioned riddles of life cannot be solved “Free Will or Fate how is it determined or is it predetermined”

Such passion of life would not exist if we subconsciously thought that our will made no difference. So, does this mean that we have solved our own riddle at birth to Will the mode of our destiny our fate into that which we desire? Either way the lessons learned her is to take heed of fore warnings as use them to your advantage. I am a reader of both past, present and future….when am forecasting for the future and the future appears bleak…would it not make sense to summon the same force of foreknowledge for advice to avoid the dreadful? Moreover, thus your fate even be determined by either the hand of “God” or by the Moirai your journey can be that of a colorful one full of richness. After all you can look back and look at the many versions of the 1960’s original movie “The Time Machine” has been done. Surely no matter how many times you see a new version, no matter how good or bad each movie could be we know that it will end thus it’s fate. But what you walk away with is how good the last or best version was..is this not so? It’s journey…

“Okeanides: And whose hand controls necessity?
Prometheus: The three Moirai; and the Erinyes, who forget nothing.
Okeanides: Has Zeus less power than they?
Prometheus: He cannot fly from Fate.
Okenaides: What fate is given to Zeus, but everlasting power?
Prometheus: This is a thing you may not know; so do not ask.”

-Prometheus Bound 515-518

So if it is an “answer” to your birth question that you seek. Know that it is not the answer that is important as you know your fate is “death”. Death is only the rejuvenation into your next being into your spiritual realm hence your new beginning. But what you should know only is that your journey, which stems from your will is what makes your destiny so beautiful to your contribution of the cosmos…

Many people get caught of in doing something as they perceive of as being “great”… I like to think of opportunities as life’s tools. You can go to any sports store and purchase an inexpensive basketball for about 19.95. To Michael Jordan the former NBA player that ball is worth millions. How many tools has life been given to you that are priceless and unused, worthless to others? It is not what you have but what you make of what you have and how you apply it, that makes your journey most enjoyable. Fate means nothing put the plateau of your accomplishments to go on.

So choose and use your tools wisely… it’s your journey that can be in your power, your free will of choice and deed. To your answer, again and again the “only” nonnegotiable essence is the end.

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