5 Steps to a Higher Consciousness


I’ll start off by saying that everything has it’s purpose…it’s place in life. I can’t imagine having 10 functional fingers and only using two of them. We’ve all heard of the neurological statistics that we only use 10% of our brain… Can we really use 100% of our brain, our mental state of being? What’s the solution?

There are some that feel to increase their intuitive abilities is to have it just happen – Some occurrence or some sort of divine intervention allowing them to suddenly have superior abilities than before. I won’t knock the possibility that “anything is possible” but just like anything that is to be perfected, it must have the conditioning of constant practice.

It never cease to amaze me how one can forget that in order to evolve to a Higher Consciousness stems to regulating our minds free of our own perceived limitations. The saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is only true if the dog has stored memories of those tricks that he perceives and “undoable” therefore he does not do them for fear that he cannot because this is what “he” has conditioned himself to know. In our world we have these inhibitors all around us, friends, family, media and so on…subjects in our lives that cause us to believe a certain thing or way. This also effects your spiritual development. Your awareness is only limited to your belief in what “is” and is not possible. The power of your Mind – your Higher Consciousness effects the outcome of how your life has and will be shaped from your health, your finances, to all your spiritual endeavors.

So how can someone change this inhibited habit of restricting mental growth thus a “Higher Consciousness? First of all I may add that a “Higher Consciousness” is not just a term belonging to that of the spiritual realm. A “Higher Consciousness” is letting go of the “I can not” and the “I will not” the negative you that does not allow you to grow and exercise your mind to a mental stronger “you”. To start here are some simple steps to help you release the inhibitions so that you can at least be on your way to changing the belief system that may be promoting stagnation within your subconscious and conscious mind:

  1. Learn to do what you call your physical “impossible”. Use your less dominate hand for most of what you have to do for the few hours that you can handle it increasing the hours each day till you become comfortable. This exercise gives you the motor connection to your brain that you are “physically” capable in control of what you “WILL” do.
  2. Take one person a day and live inside their lives. Feel this person’s motions, and what they do and what they go through. Feel their love, frustrations and happiness of a given situation. To have empathy is to live the life through their eyes and heart. This exercise will help develop your intuitive energies.
  3. Learn something totally new! Just like a child learning a new sport that he or she knows nothing about but is fun…they aren’t aware of the perceived limitations therefore they become limitless! Emerge into a hobby or subject matter and apply yourself to mastery. This step will condition you to recognize that you “can” reach towards perfection and thereby defecting from the cliché “Can’t teach a old dog new tricks”!
  4. Indulge in your sense! When you eat, try to identify all the ingredients and texture of your food….try to recognize all the tones in the music that you hear…when looking at color try to separate the different colors within the color make up…when touching a material identify if it’s surface… By utilizing all your senses you allow yourself to be keen of the unknown around the unknowing.
  5. Associate nature with energy. Learn to transfer all that you are into your work. This is possible if you believe it to be so! One of the biggest inhibitors we live with today is the literal scientific laws that we choose to live by. If you connect to that which you are working with it or they are more likely to work in favor with you than not. This is a task that is a definite must when working with rituals, and other spiritual doings.

It is not to say that the above 5 steps is written in stone..But, only to help you with the progression of releasing your inability to go forward to opening up the door to a “Higher You” a “Higher Consciousness” of the “Impossible”.

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