Conclave – In faith of Great Beginnings Within..


It’s always the mourning of someone great that causes us to sigh and wonder what would we do with lost of someone we love…

Now that the 264th Pope, John Paul II has past on in this life the question should lie within all is not who will be elected, but would we elect within our own souls to commit toward the betterment our ourselves as truly one human soul cannot do this alone. As each of us is accountable for our own deeds, karma, sin, crimes and actions alike; even in the carnal days of Jesus, each person has had to come individually to his own alter and make the change on his or her own.

It amazes me how unaccountable many people have become out of a lack of faith and go through another and yet not claim the power within. Is it not true that if we all are equal that each of us has the inner light, the inner power to hold our own and help nations? Some may argue that faith alone is only blind hope…. So in respect to those who in belief of this, cast faith aside and KNOW your power within and claim to be that which exist in it’s personal claim of “I AM”.

It is very selfish indeed to endorse such a leader for that which you believe in yet not to contribute to the cause that’s being led, in fact in better terms down right hypocrisy. One can say it’s as bad as having a leader of a country whose people never pays taxes but expects for things to get done. As none is perfect – perhaps because it really just hasn’t been tempted, as the old saying goes “All you have to do is put your mind to it” Olympic gold medallist do it all the time.

As the centuries old ceremony comes closer to a new Pope, a new leader and new beginnings remember that change is always happening through the cosmos always providing new opportunities to reform into your souls perfection. It is not if you believe in any form of worship or spiritual teachings or not but to believe in your inner self and the power the WILL you have over self, life and that of the nature around you – that you must take advantage in worldly consciousness to mindfully elect to cast out all that is dead within you and allow the energies of all power to dwell within. No man, Pope, Priest, Priestess, god, nor goddess can give you this power less you go to the your alter and diminish the old, and give rebirth through your own election to behold your true power within.

Collectively greatness can be accomplished…. Otherwise it’s always going to be a very long battle as time has proven so. I like to think that nothing that “IS” not impossible and since the existence of BEING is only a matter of perception all is POSSIBLE! Thus empowerment “IS” always present even when not perceived!

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