Spiritual Genealogy, Memoirs of “You”


I began to wonder why over the last decade has there been such a soar in ancestry research. Then realized that as more cultures, communities and people tear down the veil of discrimination the more likely the universal language of love would step in to inevitably generate the combination of a new ethnic sub-category. It is human nature to hold onto its culture as you see in the artifacts, ruins of centuries ago. We as Homo Sapiens feel the need to pass the baton of the past like a badge of honor to our offspring.

In going to some of the sources on ancestry and genealogy you first learn in your research process to eliminate the myths and some of your own family folklores in order to find the facts. You learn the key words like, lineage, origin, or descent. To look into ones lineage can begin from a start of a story being told down or from a last name. You find out that if you are French descent that in fact your family just migrated there or you may find out that your last name indeed was only chosen at some point to cross certain border and a ways of identification, as many cultures at some point did not hold “last” names. This is all a part of researching your genealogy. Finding out what your lineage is and who, what and where “they” came from to make you who “you” are today.

So what happens when you find out who Uncle Rich was or who the first person in your families ancestry to come out of the cave? This is only “part” of your beginning. Your research findings may tell you of what possible ethnicity your family originates and may identify some of the “whys” of your genetic and physical make up. But why not find out “why” you are, of “who” you have become by completing part of your research by knowing your “Spiritual Genealogy”!

Find out the why you are Catholic or why you are Atheist…many times people believe that being an atheist may only be out of sheer preference due to a enough weight of belief of the existence of God. There many sects of Christianity… why did you or was it handed down through your family to become a Baptist. What about the many forms of the Occult…being unconventional and coming from the meaning “hidden knowledge” how was it so “not” hidden to have become of your path of life?

Perhaps you are able to find out this first part of your quest..finding out why you follow the belief system that you do. You begin to wonder at this point there must be a damn good reason for you to have come so far to stead fast to your path. The whys of who you are on paper means less and lesser and becomes a ghost of the past. Your blueprint in life consists of many facets and becomes only a small portion of the big picture. The big picture is your purpose in life. What it is that you must do while you are physically here. To sum this equation into an understandable answer you must look at your past as the lessons have brought you forth. Knowing your past builds upon the completion to the ”NOW” and therefore allowing you to go forward thus coming closer in this lifetime to that which you call the “truth” in your “own” belief.

To become aware of who you are…you must realize your body and flesh…there’s a lot going on that many take for granted that to date no one can duplicate. An amazing machine our bodies are…just your nervous system alone is better than any machine and alerts you of an intruder…better than any alarm system…Just prick any part of your body and see how fast it registers to your brain as pain! You must realize that in the works of nature that you cohabitate space with other forms of mass, atoms and such naked to the human eye. You also have a conscious that cannot be contained and soul drives your essence of being. Therefore in researching your Spiritual Genealogy is to understanding “why you believe what you believe” today, being only part of your completion bringing you to “why you are what you believe” to your purpose so that you will have come full circle with your blueprint and function that your creator has given you.

“It is not faith that will lead you to the pool of water in your hour of thirst…but the knowledge that water can be drunk to quench your thirst. Knowledge becomes the quenched drink to your soul…by seeking as you become full – finding that your faith will become satisfied and your knowledge renewed…” Mona Magick

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