Purification – The Base of Power


There’s a tried and true method to retailers across the world always planning ahead of time months before each season begins. Even more – it makes more sense to practice such methods as the same tactics with the changing of seasons and animals hibernating or migrating in due course but never at the last minute such as we humans do at the stroke of midnight 31st of December!
With the holiday’s coming up you’ve several rituals that will be done; prosperity, weight loss, habit breaking banishing, blessing oriented, and love spells, only to name a few. So why not plan NOW (or at least the preparation) than to be in a rush by the New Year. Why not go into the New Year with the proper energy rather than opening up the New Year with last years baggage as so many do each year.

If you are to enhance the power within you it is now to purify yourself of the negative energy that’s kept you from attaining your desires. My cleansing or purifying both you and your tools that you use you unblock all channels of your inner force and that of the forces you require to cohesively work on your behalf.

  • When should you partake on any spiritual cleansing
  • Spiritually cleansing the SELF
  • How to cleanse your home and personal items

When should you partake on any spiritual cleansing:
You acquire new ritual tools (through a retail purchase or even if Auntie Beatrice gave it to you!). Most if not all tools used for spiritual work should be cleansed by you and you or at least by someone you trust but again preferably by you! This rule however, does not apply when a certain, tool, charm, talisman etc. has been “charged” or blessed for you. Below is a checklist to help you decide if you need to get busy!

  • If you’re feeling Fatigue – asside from the fact that you may need rest, less stress and or to eat properly
  • Lacking vitality or a zest for life
  • Negative or distorted thinking
  • Negative, unbalanced or distorted emotions
  • Negative, unbalanced or distorted behavior
  • Feeling disconnected from other human beings
  • Feeling disconnected from the Creator or whatever you choose to call your connection to Higher Power
  • Feeling disconnected from nature
  • Panic attacks that can be caused by a vulnerability caused by holes in our auras
  • A compromised energy system leads to many types of physical illnesses. Make sure you consult your phsysican if you feel that something is medically wrong.
    When Tarot cards or any other divination tool needs to be cleared, as you will find it increasingly difficult to read them. Or when performing works of magick you don’t seem connected to your work (also see below self cleansing).It will seem as if you cannot remember the meanings of the cards, or you will be unable to relate them to each other. Whether this is due to the cards being ‘contaminated’, or because the negative vibrations are entering into your subconscious and blocking your psychic flow, depends on how you consider the cards to work, but either way the cards need to be spiritually cleansed.
    When you have left your items unattended/non-used after 3 continuous moon cycles

Spiritually cleansing the SELF

Run your tub with water (typically running fresh water or sea water which you may add) and decoctions made from water to which has been added salt, minerals, herbs, roots, and tree barks.. The simplest and oldest mineral crystal is made from table salt, sometimes mixed with saltpetre and bluestone or laundry blueing After you have made your bath enter the tub FORWARD. Since the bath is for the removal of negative influences, bathe by rubbing in a downward direction only. Within the time that you are bathing this is quite time to surrender all anger, confusion, and so on…into your water. Sometimes, it may take a few minutes to let go of your anxiety but 15 minutes maximum is good enough so that you don’t turn into a prune! Getting out of the tub exit carefully BACKWARDS. (Note: this is not a bubble and scrub bath this is a spiritual bath!!!)

How to cleanse your home and personal items.
Purification should be done in three parts. Self, Surroundings and the objects used or intended to use. Below are some cleansing techniques it do these before the New Year begins.

Spiritual Tools/Home:
You may your items together in a box and put them outside at night. Moonlight is a wonderful spiritual cleanser and it will work together with the crystals to thoroughly clear your cards of all negative energies. Sunlight can also be used for clearing the cards in this way, but most practictioners seem to prefer bathing their tools in moonlight. You can also cleanse your tools with moonlight without using crystals, if you prefer this. Crystals, however, do help to reinforce the process and it is better to use them if you can. Note that an additional method which I do as well is to put my Tarot cards back in order i.e, Major/Minor Arcana Ace through King etc.
Another excellent way of cleansing your cards is to use a method called “smudging”. To do this, dry and bundle together fresh herbs (the most widely used are sage, or a combination of sage and sweetgrass). You then light the dried herbs and pass your tools through the smoke. It is advisable to put your tools in something first, such as a loosely-woven basket or you may lay them on a flat surface, with enough space between the weaving to allow the smoke to pass through. You can also smudge other items in this way, such as plants, rooms, crystals … even animals and people, so you may like to cleanse yourself at the same time as you cleanse all the rest of your tools and self! With the above process do not use the items for at least 24 hours.
Lastly, if you are just a beginner you may want to invest into some frankincence and myrrh to spiritually cleanse your home environment and the items contained within it. Not only will you accomplish your goal in cleansing but your home will smell nice too!

IF you are going to charge your tools, meditate and perform spells you’re going to have to be able to focus not to mention direct your energy to the attainment of your goal. Stored up energy, always affects the outcome of any spiritual work. Although there are many techniques in spiritual cleansing from very basic to advanced…the most important thing to remember is that it is the Mind, Body and Soul that we must cleanse – if you’re keen to keep this in mind your cleansing ritual should serve it’s purpose in attracting the power you need…But for the sake of writing a book review the following steps:

—Be mindful that this will only take an hour. It is important to not engage in any media of any sort. This includes, television, newspapers, books, internet nor phones. In today’s society this may be hard but at the most this only takes an hour to complete. Nor should there be any food or liquids at least 30 minutes before and after—

A combination of the above rituals will tremendously help you with clearing you of any negative energy and thereby allowing you to channel with your power within to become stronger in your endeavours of your spiritual and magickal solutions!

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