Spiritual Certification


Amazing how you can look as some of life’s greatest leaders such as Martin Luther King, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Jesus Christ and not be able to trace a single merit in their Curriculum Vitae that certifies them for their great works that millions still follow to date (and for the centuries to come) that they’re known for. Yet, it appears that in today’s society most leaders require a bundle of credentials to qualify them to even become contenders in today’s pool of leaders.

So then why don’t we have “more” leaders since everyone is so certificate happy? Where are all the Doctors in Metaphysics. Grand Masters of the Tarot, where’s the Doctors who hold the Doctorates in so many alternative studies and their accomplishments of the many to thousands of lives that they’ve touch to make a positive difference? Who is to say that indeed it’s a positive difference or a difference at all that one must make in order to be declared as “great”? BUT one may be inclined to raise a brow at the vast many accreditations that are administered for the lack of accomplishments that are not made.

Whether or not you are new or old in the field of spirituality, metaphysics, etc. you may find many organizations that you may want to become a member of that request not only a membership fee but accreditation that may or may not be recognized by anyone else or only within that certain sector that you may want to join. Most people who seek your help or help of those within that field may or may not be inclined to seek assistance from you if you don’t have a certain title behind your name…This becomes a comfort zone for many laymen who feel that if you have been dedicated to your work and are “legitimate”.

But what happens when accreditation is given to those of the mystic and spiritual arts? How can one do such a thing? How can “man” or “woman” appoint an accreditation to that which is even beyond his or her realm of explaining? For example…. There are many theories/perspectives behind the tarot and astrology yet you may become a master of either? Does this make one a master of theories anointed the badge by someone who is entitled no more than anyone else to know the heavenly truths? Or does this just provide a temporary comfort zone of what we have come to accept until more information is found to be true? As intuition is immeasurable, how is it that one is considered more intuitive other than actual visual proof?

So who are we to trust? Where or to whom do we go for counseling and spiritual assistance? Unless a spiritual accreditation is appointed through divine merit how can a mere mortal receive such a document, not to mention the recognition? How can one Pope, be appointed to lead millions of souls when he in fact is a mortal himself and it is indeed through our own souls that we must intervene to our maker for “salvation” or How is it that according to the media many of the terrorist have been promised 18 virgins in heaven if they perform a certain deed to kill as many as possible – who has come back with proof, not to mention divine proof that 18 virgins would indeed be offered. In fact even if this is true, the questions that remain in my mind that many of them (if this theory is true) may have forgotten that the heavenly place is not a physical place of carnal desires therefore no luxuries of sexual contact may not be made pleasurable to them unless it’s just the idea of a virgin itself. Furthermore, what happens to the virgins if they are plucked with the fornicated act of sex since no marriage to these virgins has been implicated?

I am not criticizing the madness, nor the practices of many religious or spiritual beliefs, but only posing questions to what so many follow in spite of their own intuition and common sense not to mention logic. My gratitude for you reading my commentary is highly appreciated moreover, my gift to you is for you to realize that the key to my endless statements and questions lie within your power to give yourself the power to use your own judgment and to open your eyes to the ignorance that many of us have by allowing so many to lead our souls into darkness. If it is darkness you seek and have been comfortable within, so be it as it creates the balance for those who choose to open their eyes into the light and endless abundance of knowledge!

In closing, be sure to choose your “leader” wisely and know that we are all leaders, perhaps not as advanced as others but your inner soul can always tell you if it is “right” for you but do be mindful that you too have the power to lead as well through wisdom, patience and preservation!

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