New Video Series


For the longest time I have tried to avoid going to video because it was a territory that I felt that wasn’t for me. However, as you know everything as time and place, I decided in early December of 2012 that I would finally cross into the world of videographers in producing material to reach an ever greater audience. Most know me from my dozens of articles that I’ve published, the many lectures, my radio podcast of interviews, conventions I’ve participated in and the thousands of readings I’ve provided of the years both in person and online.

With my new video series, I’ve lined up interviews, documentaries and updates for all to view which by popular demand will also be converted in audio format (MP3). It’s been quite a learn curve but even more as I’m an artist and enjoy working with technology it’s been fun designing, editing and producing all the videos. I hope you enjoy all the hard work that I’ve put into each and every video! Please don’t hesitate to Like, Subscribe and Comment on the video of your choice!

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