Dualism of Deciphering Gnosis


Deciphering GnosisI’m in disagreement with the cliché “there’s nothing new under the sun”. However, if it weren’t for the concept of ‘innovation’ I would agree. The simple fact that you’re reading this article in digital format, and not upon papyrus, undisputedly proves my case.

Over the past year, I have focused on practitioners who contribute material from Gnosis received, rather than the popular many who have repackaged material of authors past and paraphrased previous experiences. All this gives me great hope that perhaps we’ve come upon a collective new era of enlightenment.

I don’t wish to be misunderstood. There is nothing wrong with someone recording and writing about their experiences based on someone else’s system, and by no means am I discrediting the many systems and knowledge that will always lend towards the soul’s journey and empowerment. But it should therefore be noted not to knock insight recorded via Gnosis of unfamiliar territory. To prove that I am of diplomatic practice, and of sane mind, I have also taken in account that there is an element (within the Spiritual community) who claim knowledge received will in some cases come from the pool of one’s spiral thought of creative visualization – aka a figment of one’s imagination!

In a nutshell, Gnosis received is knowledge superior to and independent of teachings formed by man. Within the spiritual community, it can often be reluctantly accepted albeit thought out of fashion, which somehow seems to me as an oxymoron. If this were not true, there wouldn’t be an abundance of esoteric publishing houses accepting a standard of other people’s ‘borrowed experiences’ taken as gospel, repackaged and set neatly on bookshelves. But hey, the public is buying so it must be truth in print, Right?

Fearing ridicule of ‘being different’ in validating a newfound knowledge or system, and perhaps the pressure of needing to succeed in bringing others onboard, may be the main reasons today prohibiting many practitioners and authors from releasing recorded Gnosis. Aside from pure mockery, there is the game that many within the community will taunt the given the practitioner by over analyzing and debating the semantics.

This practice breaks the mold of early practitioners from centuries past, when breaking ground and being unconventional was revered as a sign of ingenuity. In retrospect, it’s quite amazing how the holistic viral of “word of mouth” was so incredibly affective that when a mage was able to substantiate their claim, it quickly spread worldwide, yet in contrast, it may take just as long (or not at all) within the world we live today! This is simply to confirm that there must be some balance of validation in order to be relevant.

With messages beyond our realm, most of mankind will face the complexities of trying to define elements of dualism outside set boundaries he resides in. Most can only provide an interpretation of their experience of what they have been able to comprehend and record. Therefore, reinterpreting Gnosis for someone else can potentially be meaningless due to incompatible experiences, a lack perception or the knowledge being incomprehensible. This leaves them resistant to a perspective of accepting an alteration to what they have come to know and previously live by.

Determining where Gnosis is coming from is solely based upon the individual’s level of perception to differentiate the placement or displacement between where thought within mind is present or not. Within this placement is where, depending on the practitioner, lies the divide and determination if Gnosis is actually received or if constructed through the process of imagination.

To those with keen intuitive abilities, the current will make its connection to validate the message received by Gnosis of others. It would be best to conclude that as we are all here to learn, should such Gnosis be given either directly or reinterpreted to you through whatever medium, that you take it as a sign it was given to you to expand upon whether or not you accept or apply the information given. The choice is yours alone! 

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