The True Witchcraft within The Witchblood Grail


“My devotion to Hecate is my existence, not just my life”
– Mark Alan Smith, Primal Craft

I couldn’t find a worthy definition of the word “Witchcraft” that suited the meaning in actual praxis. I looked to the mundane shelves of my local library and even the many sites within the kingdom of Google. In the end it was a description of the concept that best illuminated how I feel about the Arte: The concept of witchcraft and the belief in its power have existed since the dawn of human history. Witchcraft has been central to many faiths –  and a constant presence in others – at various times throughout history. It manifests in many forms within a diversity of cultures worldwide – this includes those considered primitive and those viewed as highly advanced.

The richest current of Witchcraft that I have been fortunate enough to step into is the Primal Craft, whose latest publication, The Witchblood Grail, is nothing short of ground-breaking in its ability to return the raw Power of the Gods through the application of rites and magickal formula within the book.

It is almost universally accepted that anyone who practices esoteric arts outside of the social accepted spiritual faiths and religions could be referred to as a Witch – being someone practising or appearing to practice the darker arts. However, the problem at hand is that not everyone who is a practitioner of magick is a Witch nor are they of the Primal Blood or Current. Without going into elaborate details, when I say of Primal Blood / Primal Witchblood or Primal Current,  I am referring to those devoted individuals who have made the soul-level pacts within this particularly powerful current. The formula of such magickal work, spiritual pacts and soul-level commitments are no better illuminated than within The Witchblood Grail where devotees (initiated and otherwise) are called to the performance of Sacrificial Artes in the awakening of the Great Beast. There are many levels within the Primal Arte through which one may obtain entry to these mysteries. These entries come with caveat: you will enter the realm of no return, either triumphing in the rewards of such a tested journey, or you will face – at the very least – the loss of self, if not soul, to the eternal forces. The common denominator is that this course is irreversible and resets ones soul to forcibly endure the path once it is ignited by the practitioner.

The Witchblood Grail, however, is unique in its content, for alongside this intensely committed path of spiritual evolution it contains stand alone rites that allow practitioners of magick to call upon Primal Forces in order to assist in human matters. Of no small significance are the healing rites and those of exorcism wherein Primal Entities are summoned forth with the power of the Witch Gods to remove sickness, illness and injury alongside malefic possession. Of course it is important to develop a worthy relationship therefore, dedication is key with much importance placed upon building such primal connections; nevertheless the rites exist for those who wish to utilise them, adapting each within their own praxis. In the manifestation of these ancient forces it must be noted that there is no command nor attempted ownership of the Gods, as some unfortunate souls have no doubt found to their cost.

The Witchblood Grail is a hefty tome containing the Four Inner Books of The Flesh which culminate in rituals that open the Gate to the Devil’s Throne. The book itself may be consecrated, with blood of the devotee, as an individual gateway – releasing a familiar of the Primal Craft in the process. It is important to remember that as each individual book is consecrated it becomes a gateway within which each soul who actually crosses its threshold is marked as one who embarks upon a journey undertaken far beyond the mere constructs of the incarnate realm.

Working within this current and in particular through this book requires a lot of maturity. The Primal Craft books do not contain frivolous rites for lover come to me, conquer thy boss or have a better day rituals. If that’s what you’re looking for visit your local hoodoo store. The Witchblood Grail does, however, return ground-breaking knowledge within rites of spiritual empowerment of the Dragon Witch God-Soul – as well as formula for the completion of a Temple of Four Pillars of Fire – the incarnation of Witchflame Daemons to the human life-wave, healing, malefic cures and exorcisms as well as the formation of the Fetish Lord, en-souled with the Spirit and Will of Belial. Be aware: there are many rites of sacrifice, none of which are magickal metaphors. Therefore I caution you, it is neither for the faint-hearted nor the dabbler. The Gods of this path return knowledge and power that others just do not have access to – These same Gods give much to those who honour them whether for one rite or a soul’s evolution. However it must be remembered that if an oath or pact is made within this current then  it must be adhered to strictly, lest it be your own soul forfeit and cast unto the abyss should you violate such an oath.

The Four Inner Books of the Flesh within The Witchblood Grail make this luxuriously hand-bound volume quite a large book at 394 pages. It is indeed a hefty tome – one that is extremely powerful. If the rites within are performed correctly they will have huge impact across the planes. In a time when I feel that TRUE Witchcraft has been diluted over the years – its rites being simplified to suit the metro eclectic practitioner – this book and its sibling volumes from Mark Alan Smith and Primal Craft Occult Publishing – reach beyond realms of flesh uniting the practitioners devoted soul with the source of Witchblood itself; the Goddess Hecate and Her Trident Kin: Lucifer, Belial and Sepheranz. These books show what can be attained by a soul who has a genuine love for and connection to Hell’s Great Queen – a soul who has knelt before Her at the Devil’s Throne.

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