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06/18/2017 - Gaogakwe Oageng asks: Sample reading "Hi Mona currently I am not working but looking for a good job and in need of money. I have applied to different employment agencies but no positive or promising reasults so this made desperate as I am looking for any spell or ritual about changing my luck on the internet but worried if they are legit. Can you please help me thorough this and what should I do .Thanks you" Answer:
Hello Gaogakwe I have come back from a long sabbatical so please let me know if you are still in need for a reading.
12/14/2016 - Ross Haidenstein asks: Cooperation opportunities "Dear Sir / Madam My name is Ross, and i want to say that your site ( ) is realy good and useful! Buy the way, i am looking for relevant sites to post there my text links, and i think that your site well suited for this. Thats why i want to ask you one thing: are You opened for this kind of advertising on your website? yes, please, let me know and i will send you detailed information! Thanks.Thanks for your kind assistance in advance. Ross Haidenstein" Answer:
Thank you for your email Ross. I do no t allow for outside advertising on my site. However there is an opportunity via email. You may contact me at for more information.
08/10/2016 - Roslyn Taylor asks: Decision "Hi Mona thank you for your time presently Ive been. Homeless and ended back with ex husband who has not changed his verbal abuse Im not working and he wrote a letter to housing lying to get me to lose my assistance they never renewed or helped me after I told them why he lied. Complicated story they couldn\\\'t believe he was the biological father to do such a thing. Im leaving him again planning to to to a shelter until I can find perm a bent housing torn bran california and Georgia my roots in Calif my son is 19 in a shelter already in ca I got to to help him but im so confused please tell me if you see a light for me for this has been so hard. My life has been unreal but Im thankful to be alive to make a change. Please help me understand why its so difficult no concern for love life its my luck and career Im concern about be wrote letters to my job at delta airlines I left due to so many hard days.. Im trying to make sense of this all?" Answer:
Hi Roslyn neither good nor hard times last forever – they have their time and place just like the seasons. Your ex-husband is very resentful and wants to keep you at harms length to continuous harm you from taking his vice away in hurting you. After March of next year it looks like things will change for you. However it does appear that you have some learning curves to yet go through before you are totally out of the woods.
05/22/2016 - MaGick DE MADRINA asks: Occult Related "Am I Meant To Be A Voudon Priestess?" Answer:
Thank you for your question. You have already started your path... and it is where you should and will be. Deviations beyond that are not meant to be as they won\'t be.
01/23/2016 - Ang F. asks: Spirit keeping "Hi Mona I recently bought a vessel from a seller who claims an entity called a vaga is bound to it. The vaga is supposed to grant me any one wish that I want. Is this true? And how can I bond with this spirit? The seller told me that this entity could even change the past. Thanks!" Answer:
Hello it is possible for some spirits to actually change elements within the planes. It is very unlikely that such a spirit was encapsulated and sold on eBay. One would argue both the power and the authentic nature of what you have purchased. To alter the past would not only be that of your own past but also would need to have tangible results in others lives and so one and such a powerful force would not or could not be captured. I would say at best, the object has some energy that you may be able to connect with. It is no guarantee that even if true that the encapsulated spirit would work for and with you as well. You cannot bond with a spirit as a 1-2-3 it goes both ways. Finally, one should not speak on the behalf of what a spirit may do so the person who sold this to you sold this as a curio. Apologies for the delayed response in getting back with you.
05/03/2015 - Christo Lombaard asks: Dr T DePrince\\\'s book, "Dear Ms Magick I am urgently trying to obtain a copy of Dr T DePrinces book, \"The Mystical Key to the Psalms\" - to borrow, to rent or to buy. Do you perhaps have access to this book, please? Or know where I may further enquire from to obtain a copy? My best wishes, Prof. Christo Lombaard (PhD, DD) Christian Spirituality Universiteit van Suid-Afrika University of South Africa " Answer:
HI Prof Lombaard Thank you for your email. I believe I answered your question in another email you sent to me previously. I do have books that Dr. DePrince has given me but I do not give away personal books. I believe I passed your details to Dr. DePrince directly. I am sure all should work out but let me know if they do not. All the best, Mona Magick
04/01/2015 - Alan David asks: when you might be in the northern -central California area ? "I was wondering if you had any plans to visit Northern or Central California in the near future, as I would like to meet you if so. I will be going to a conference later in the year in Northern California. Alan David" Answer:
Hi David, I do not have any plans to visit California anytime soon. I am from San Francisco and miss it very much so if anything I may find an event to either exhibit or speak at in 2016. Best, Mona Magick
03/08/2015 - Brenda Fields asks: remember me "I know you have helped me in the past. Do you see a better life for me this year? So many have written to me about my life,I just wasn\\\'t feeling them." Answer:
Hi Brenda Of course I remember you. You still have a lot of back and forth of past relationships and affiliations. There will need to be a move for someone in your life for things to really take place but the question is who will this be. There is a job opportunity for someone around you that will affect your life in the upcoming year. Blessings Mona Magick
01/12/2015 - Daniel goetz asks: Daniel "It is said that Daniel was a prophet of God. this is a lie, Daniel was set asside and his writtins for a time of great need. A group, they said witches to me, but then again what would that have to do with those of jewish accent. Their goul was to trap the spirite of god in a man and send him to hell. This man lives, however, this needs to be undone, yes i will do. yes your thoughts are correct and im ready when you are" Answer:
Hi there Daniel, In short –A prophet is merely someone who delivers a message directed via the gnosis/message from a given deity and in this case the Christian God. Who am I or you to question a validation to have or not have taken place or to know of which deity would have or not worked through Daniel of past. As for the need to entrap a soul into a physical body in order for it to pass through another realm - the body from that point on serves as a useless vessel. Any further questions or comments please inbox me. Blessings
01/03/2015 - Kendrick asks: Life Calling "What is my lifes calling ?" Answer:
Hi Kendrick, You have access to lot of information that you have decided to expel keeping what you resonate with which is healthy. I see teaching as a very heavy element later in your life more so than at present.
01/03/2015 - Marc A Hill asks: Sex "What is the occult meaning of Sex?" Answer:
Hi Marc, Thanks for your question. Allow me to rephrase your question. What meaning does Sex have within the occult The meaning of Sex within the occult is purely the energy that becomes from the source of inner power from woman, man or beast (solo, together or within a group) to create and manifest a given action, desire and will. Best, Mona Magick
12/10/2014 - joshua kwaneba koranteng osafo asks: sample reading "hi Mona! i love your work and thanks for connecting me with Mark Smith. i have in need of your wisdom again.....a very close lady friend of mine who happens to be a member of the same school of yoga as me, had a dream about me that i want your take on. in this dream she placed four stones around me and gave me three white handkerchiefs, and she said she saw the number 14. could you please help us with a possible interpretation? PS: she and i are sexually intimate but not dating at the moment.thank you for your time.." Answer:
Hi Joshua, Thank you for your support! I am pleased you were able to connect with Mark Alan Smith. In dream the number 4 in reference to your friends dream notes the balance she feels both of you could gain more of. In short the 3 handkerchiefs signifies rewards from this balance. The number 14 represents the number 5 which in this instance is the completion of the human form meaning YOU spiritual aspiration and the 5 pointed star. I would suggest you explore what more could develop from the relationship if this is mutually desirable. I can provide you with a further insight if you like, in box me directly for a reading. All the best, Mona Magick
12/09/2014 - joshua kwaneba koranteng osafo asks: sample reading "hello there!! MONA my name is Joshua and i need you to clarify something for me. i am about to start working with the book QUEEN OF HELL and i wana know what exactly it means to consecrate the athame with the sexual fluid from the union of a witch and a goddess. please help " Answer:
Hi Joshua, Because you are working from the Queen of Hell, I feel it is best you consult with Mark Alan Smith of Primal Craft, the author directly, which I have inboxed you information about. However, feel free to ask any other question you may have on sex magick etc., Readings and other matters on the occult. Regards, Mona Magick
12/02/2014 - Kimberly Sweeney asks: Protection "Hi Mona, Will you cast.a protection spell for me?? or refer me to a legit source/person??? Do I need you for a reading first? You did a phone reading for me on July 25 , 2014.My ex boyfriend, rx wife cast a \\\"DEATH\\\" spell on me and I have \\\"SURVIVED\\\"!!! I would like professional help. No revenge, no reversal, no justice, no retribution....just protection so no one will ever be able to do this to me again. Thank You Kimberly Sweeney" Answer:
Hi Kimberly, Thanks for your patience with me getting back with you. I do remember your reading and mentioning that this March 2015 things will be taking a different course for for you in a positive direction that you would consider favourable. I also remember alerting you that actions to interfering with the likes ex would backfire on you. Sometimes nothing is needed to be done. I can advise should you still want further assistance from me. Please inbox me. Blessings, Mona Magick
06/30/2014 - George Bellabe asks: who working magic on me? "Ive been burning candles, doing my bathes and even paying people to do spuritual work for me, but im getting results. Cant get a job, a woman in my life or anything. Whos did this to me?" Answer:
HI George, First of all, It is best to do the work yourself. Others can do ritual work for you but it is ALWAYS best to empower self.Tell me... do you really want another man or woman for that matter conjuring up on your behalf for a woman or a job you in fact must continue to do and maintain yourself? Thought forms are real and so is magick. Please inbox me to further advise you if you are still in need. Otherwise, be certain to clear yourself of doubt that you cannot do this on your own. Blessings, Mona Magick
03/21/2014 - Shon asks: Sample Reading "Mona\\r\\n\\r\\nI am currently trying to decide if I should divorce my wife and pursue a relationship with another woman, who I feel is a true soul mate. My current marriage makes me feel stagnant and like I\\\'m never going to grow into my purpose. Whereas the other woman makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. Help please." Answer:
Hi Shon I answered you before in a previous question. Soul mates are placed in our lives to help us reach our souls reach to a higher goal and purpose. There is nothing wrong with you wanting this. Sometimes soul mates can last a life time and sometimes they only serve as a transition between a and b sometimes up to k. One is not better than the other as the challenge is to come across the soul mate that serves your souls purpose at the time in your life that you are at which is continuously growing. Blessing to you, Mona Magick
03/21/2014 - Shon asks: Matter of the Heart "Mona I am currently weighing whether or not I should divorce my wife and pursue another relationship. I feel like my marriage is stagnating my future growth, and that the other woman is in my life to ignite my growth. Help please." Answer:
Hi Shon Yes I do see the other woman being a great asset in your life that much is very true. However divorcing or leaving your partner because you feel someone will help out more is not a good reason. If you feel that your wife and or partner is stagnating your life overall then you are not living up to the first law in nature of self preservation you should not be with someone out of mere compassion or debt that is not love no matter how much you want to convince yourself. Should you divorce them is the big question and you can contact me for an in-depth reading on the best course of action. I will tell you that the marriage will stay stagnated but there is always hope no matter what you choice may be. My email is Best Mona Magick
03/16/2014 - Sapphire asks: Sample Reading "Hi Mona,\\r\\n\\r\\nI feel drawn to exploring a career in the occult arts(psychic, palmreading, astrology...) I am not able to see clearly what would be best for me, because \\\"the gift\\\" is not fully manifested in any specific area. What do you see to be most natural for me as a career? and What do I need to do to fully manifest the gifts?" Answer:
Hi Sapphire It appears you have a very keen sense of intuition. You may want to give it a go and eliminate so many areas within your studies for now. You do not want to fall into the master of none syndrome. Focus on more of your natural abilities and combining it with else you feel that comes second nature for you. If you need help in building any of these areas. Please contact me personally via email at All the best, Mona Magick
03/16/2014 - Dawn asks: sample reading "I am currently in a slow burning relationship where the other half is dealing with the end of a previous relationship, will our relationship blossom and go far?" Answer:
Hi Dawn, Thanks for your question. There\'s a lot of caring in this relationship and the good answer is that there is a lot of hope for you and your potential partner to be together. The challenge I have is that you both will need to push for some common goals else this will be an even longer burning saga! The end of April of this year looks good for this Dawn! For more on your question or to receive a full reading on this visit: A Powered Connection, Mona Magick
03/16/2014 - mellissa grimison asks: sample reading "Hi I just a bit lost at the moment an have no idea as what I\'m meant to be doing caree wise I just don\'\'t know what what passion is thankyu" Answer:
Hi Mellissa, I clearly see that you do have a dual path perhaps even one of 3 paths that you can take but it\'s not what you should be doing but the environment that you are in currently. Your support system will need to be filtered and you will then find much clarity of what you will be doing. If you need further direction please contact me for a more in-depth reading: All the best to you! A Powered Connection, Mona Magick
03/16/2014 - sol fernandez asks: Sample reading "Is the man i love going to come back to me? Do i have to wait too much? Thanks a lot!" Answer:
Hi Sol, Thanks for your question. Do you really want him back? There appears to be elements of fidelity and trust at risk should you regroup this union. With that said I do see an open door to your relationship in the near future but you\'ll have to be a bit on your guard so this is something you\'ll need to decide if this is the way you want the relationship going forward. I do so another suitable partner for you! For more information on this visit here: A Powered Connection, Mona Magick
12/12/2013 - azul asks: sample reading "Is the boy i love coming back to me?" Answer:
Hi Azul, I showed all signs that your boy love is coming back or did at some point (not in the same way as before) but I am going to urge you to take heed as something about this a rather short lived and and elements of honesty is deeply rooted. If you\'d like for me to assist you further on this matter or another one please email me directly. Best of love to you in your relationships. A Powered Connection, Mona Magick
09/26/2013 - Maddie asks: Aura "I don\\\'t know how you can tell over the internet but could you tell me what my aura color is, and if it means anything? Thank you." Answer:
Hi Maddie, Thanks for your question. Distance is never an issue with impression of the soul as it\'s always about energy and the internet in fact has loads of it flowing through it\'s millions of connections. An Aura colour can vary depending on the state of a person at a particular given time as well as the levels of where their inner core has advanced or not. For this reason the result may be the sight of various hues rather than a set colour from an RGB scale. At the time of your email I picked up a fuchsia and slightly electric blue in colour signifying love and spirituality to put it lightly. Meaning that there are elements uncertain within your spirituality I see you still seeking and there is a hint of love within your life that I see is worth exploring to bring out positive aspects in your life. Let me know if you have any additional questions on this Maddie! I wouldn\'t get too caught up on colours as much as you may want to focus on how you work to resolve and accomplish what you want. A Powered Connection, Mona Magick
05/13/2013 - maria asks: spells and radionics "Hi, are you practicing with the Chi Generator that you and Jef were speaking of? Or, have you or do you plan to interview someone who does combine the both?, for a fee.\\r\\nThe reason I ask is because the individuals on the web charge an outrageous amount, without even giving you a sample, you don\\\'t know them and all they have is a video on YouTube.\\r\\nHas anyone ever given you a demonstration.?\\r\\nThe equipment is expensive also.\\r\\nOkay\\r\\nHope you challenge someone on the web to give researchers of this equipment(reading) a sample/demo.\\r\\nthank you\\r\\nmaria\\r\\n" Answer:
Hi Maria, I believe you asked this question directly to me in an email. No I do not practise with any Chi Generators nor of any external devices or substances to assist me in any of my invocations or evocations. For what it\'s worth Maria, the research and effort that goes into these devices one could say is priceless for the results that one can receive so its a call you\'ll need to make if you feel its worth the investment to fast-forward your way to the results advertised. You could always attain results naturally for free. I have seen before and after results but I must say that with everything thing its on an individual. I would suggest you ask for statistics first and if you cannot be given this information then go with another device/ company etc. All the best to your development Maria! A Powered Connection, Mona Magick
02/26/2013 - Michael asks: Relationship "Can you tell me what is going on with my girlfirend? We took a break, but now I am wondering if she wants to have a relationship with me again, or if she wants to break up. If we get together, will this be a good relationship, if we don\\\'t, will I find somebody else? Many thanks in advance." Answer:
Hi Michael, It appears that the two of you had discussed something back and forth in the past and she has told you what she wants and you her but the actions haven\'t been there. She doesn\'t feel as though the relationship will go anywhere because of this so she has taken a step back hoping that it\'s YOU that will make the move to improve things. This is no what she wants but I think you can\'s time to make things right, else stop making them wrong. I do see that this relationship has promise but it\'s the effort that is a must. Finding someone else? Perhaps but you and your girlfriend still have some things to finish.
11/17/2012 - Brian asks: my girlfriend "Hi Mona, can you tell me if my girlfriend is cheating on me and if she is, is there a spell to make her stop and be all mine?" Answer:
Hi Brian, I show that things could be a more open between you and your girlfriend, there\'s a lot of things on her mind especially in the area of decision making with your relationship. Yes there is a spell for everything. Contact me directly for further assistance.
09/16/2012 - Carrie asks: Sample Reading "can you please tell me if a job will come through for me soon. thx" Answer:
Hi Carrie, I do see that you will have a few offers actually. You\'ll need to make sure you weigh the benefits before you take one of these jobs.
09/14/2012 - Linda asks: question "when will things change" Answer:
Hi Linda, Thanks for you question, but as general and fundamental my answer will be. The answer is always YES!. A Powered Connection, Mona Magick

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