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Treadmill Occult

With the phenomena of unveiled mysteries still yet to be revealed, I believe the population has become distracted by the special affects and desensitized what could be or is the truth- in awe with the frills around it (the blood, sex, and profanity. Continue reading

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Is it OBE or Time Travel?

One of the main issues for many physicists is that time-travel back in time is only theoretical, whereas going forward has been proven but what is time but a frame within at thought however real or unreal you may feel or think it is… Continue reading

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A Force to Close…. Curio & bookstores in the shadows

Obviously, the serious oriented occult bookstores and shops weren’t for everyone… change is a bitch… we’ll just have to ride with the tides of fate and steer in the direction to making this quest all its worth! Continue reading

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