2016 – Bring it ON!


2016Happy New Year!

This year is a “Leap Year” and will be about change and improvement. We only have a short time before we will be saying “HAPPY NEW YEAR” again. Be grateful you have been given 366 days in all, to make things better and become your either your personal best or with some unfortunate souls their worse enemies. Without “CHANGE” there is no growth. In situations where you even feel there is no change needed, there is always room to make better.
However, this year is no different than any of the 30+ years that I have given to the community and beyond of offering Readings, insight, an endless count of spiritual services and multiple forms of media expanding on a variety of paths. I do feel that I owe quite a many of you a better part of what I have to offer that may not had been included in 2015, so the good news is that you’ll have much more than before.

I have taken some necessary and zealous measures to do bigger than I have ever been able to do over the past decades which you will soon be witness to as well as the recipients of. As you know, I am about doing, so I won’t make a list, nor a teaser throughout this year of senseless announcements, I will just DO.

Until the next time, be moved into a new transition within your life that will transform into the depths you seek.

“Let your soul stand profound before a million universes and thus be powerful within multitudes”

With Love,
Mona Magick

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