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The Renegade Sufi

Dawoud Kringle is musician, composer, improviser, producer, writer, poet, audio engineer, music teacher that brings spiritualism through the art of sound. Known as the “Renegade Sufi”, he incorporates teachings of Sufism into his work and in his latest book, “Quantum Hijra” that carries us into another world.

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A combination of religious traditions or beliefs that combines a similar African traditional religion. Santeria originated in the country of Cuba and Brazil. This religion is a combination of the traditional Yoruba faith and the worship of catholic saints. Discover the truth behind a forbidden world to many and a cherished one to millions of followers. We’ll talk about Orishas, spirit possessions, rituals, healing, and setting up one’s altar. Make sure you listen in on this one and take note Visit: to learn more.

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The Spider and the Green Butterfly: Vodoun Crossroads of Power

Join me when I discuss with occult author E.A. Koetting who collaborated with Haitian Vodoun Master Houngan Baron DePrinceon their co-authored book disclosing the sacred powers of the ancient magickal system of Vodoun as it is practiced within the depths of Haiti jungles, far from the safe “Voodoo” Haiti and throughout the western world.

E.A. Koetting will additionally allow us insight of other publications by Eternal Ascent Publications, “Kingdoms of Flame: Author’s Edition A Grimoire of Evocation and Sorcery” & “Questing After Visions Making Conscious Contact” concentrated for the adept and serious practitioners.

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