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Radionics devices have generators that harness electron wave transfer on a large scale that we link to the scalar waves we as human beings generate naturally to transfer the energy to a specific purpose. The beauty of these devices is that they continue to feed these ghost forms in the vaccuum (long after we stop focusing our mind) to create more and more coherence until they influence the target.

The target of course must be possible and probable for the results to come to fruition in a reasonable amount of time. In a nutshell scalar waves (they have been called by many names i.e. torsion scalar, etc.) are generated in many ways and even the human brain can generate them as we focus our mind. Each hemisphere of the brain generates a wave converging on the target of our mental focus similar to the way a holograph is generated with an interference pattern from two waves converging on a location. This mental focus drives our biofield energy in waves (scaler if you prefer the term)to the target.

Jef Harvey explains his experience in using Radionics and how it may be used for enhancing Thought-Forms and the charging of Sigils.

This is the last of a 3 part series (see links below to all) that began with Preparing your BioMind (detoxing) in summoning and communication with entities of parallel realms and beyond can be rather daunting to the average person. Jef Harvey explains an alternative system which has assisted thousands in attaining the heightened awareness and communication so often unachievable for many on their own.

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